Nevada Licensing for Lonnie Deals?

I am new at investing and have now done a couple lonnie deals in NV. To my surprise, I have been asked about being licensed numerous times. People have warned me about realtors snitching you out, manufactured housing division calling on your adds, and parks requiring a salesman license.

I went to the manufactured housing division to get some answers and there are two things you can be,

A salesman or a dealer.

I can get a salesman’s license but the manufactured housing division says it won’t allow you to do lonnie deals?

A dealers license is $2000 a year and you have to have a certain amount of money in the bank and an office. To much for me starting out.

I called an attorney and he isn’t sure how to handle licensing but warned me about them “being out for blood these days”. He also mentioned that a lease option most likely would not cover me in court.

Does anyone know what direction I should head or who is a good source to ask.

Any input would be appreciated.


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