Networking- Mobile Home Owners in Texas

Hello, my name is Kaday. I am 30 years old and new to Mobile Home business. I would like to connect with people living in Texas.

Hi Kaday I’m out of Houston email me at

We have parks elsewhere but are hunting in Texas

We are park owners and a service company from pads to transport and set. Yes networking is the way to go get it done we are in!

Hey Kaday. Good to have you here.
We are based in Texas and working in Indiana as well.
We are a service company that helps park owners to bring another opportunity to their old and/or damaged homes.
We own some mobile homes as well.
Good luck with everything!

North Texas here - I am a real estate investor that buys performing & non-performing notes.
I bought the mentor package - read thru it but have not found anything to buy within our budget (lots of gold door knobs).