Neighbor's Barking Dogs at Night

I had previous threads on trespassing dogs, which thankfully was resolved. But now the same dogs are barking at all hours of the night. Complaints from tenants had me trying to figure out what to do, as previously noted, the owner of said dogs has no interest in doing anything. And yes we also call the police all the time on this neighbor too.

So after a lot of research on products that could help I bought this and had my park manager install it: Discreet Neighbor Pack – MAX – Ultimate Bark Control and after one night the dogs barking has stopped completely.

This thing is an outdoor unit with a microphone to detect barks and will play a very high pitched noise to “train” the dogs barking is bad. It will send this noise up to 300 feet, and I also had a “directional cone” accessory installed to get an additional ~200 feet on top of that. It comes with a remote too, so the Manager can manually engage the noise in the event the microphone is not set sensitive enough, etc.

The equivalents of these available on Amazon only go up to about 50 feet, which would not be sufficient for my needs.

While I think most people don’t have these problems due to city ordinances that are enforced, I thought this might be helpful for those operators in rural or small town settings.