Neighborhood watch program

I’m interested in “officially” starting a neighborhood watch program at our 34 space park and would like to know if anyone has done something similar. This park is pretty quiet, but does have 2 tenants that are most likely selling drugs out of their home. There have not been any drug busts or anything else major.

If nothing else, I think it would be great to have signs posted around the property and give all the good tenants a feeling that we strive to maintain a safe community. Any thoughts…?

You better check with Kurt Kelley or whoever your insurance agent is. Remember the Trayvon Martin case – that started with a neighborhood watch and the lawsuit included the property owners. Other downsides to Neighborhood Watch groups (besides the giant liability issue) is that it can also lead to unification of tenants against such things as higher rents – it’s like the catalyst to a union. I think you’re better off calling the cops on those two tenants and/or non-renewing their leases if they are truly causing problems.