Need to talk to loan broker ASAP

Ok, finally sold all of my duplexes, now I need to seriously get on the stick due to the time constraints of a 1031 exchange. First, I want to talk to either a broker or whoever you all use to get that process at least started.I’ll be looking for a park in the 1.5 - 2 Mil range and I have 500K to work with. Thanks - need the help ASAP please. 

Coach,If you’ve already closed, then the 180-day clock to close is ticking. Remember you have only 45 days to identify your next property(ies). Yikes!!If not, then you may wish to delay your closing so you can time your purchase and sale to fall within the rules. I’ve used options in the past to identify property before closing on the property I’m selling.Remember – don’t be pushed into a bad deal because of the exchange. It’s sometimes better to pay the taxes rather than get into the wrong MHP.Keep us posted.

Just accepted the offer

I’m surprised when I click the resources tab there isn’t any mortgage brokers listed. I did attend the bootcamp btw

Coach,There is a broker listed. They are Security Mortgage Group. Here is the direct link to there site.

Ok finally found that list. You can only access it from the home page of the park store

Any recommendations?

Oh thanks Brandon! You and I posted at the same time.

You’re welcome!