Need to buy water meters

Suggest you pay less attention to price and look at what the newer meters can do. I am using AMCO C700 with remote, electro-mechanical meter. Some of the not-so-sharp residents let them freeze during the winter and I had to find new ones. This meter which has been around seemingly forever is being phased-out in favor of a newer model that uses an LED readout. Another factor to consider is that you can buy meter/remote read gun combos and these, IMHO, really make sense. More expensive than visually-read meters but oh the time savings. With the gun I could actually sit in the comfort of my (heated) truck cab and simply drive through the park while reading the meters each month. There are also meters that automatically download to a satellite. I’m locked-in to visually read meters now but the next park I buy will have at least the gun-read type.

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What size park is worth the gun read meters.

I am in the process of buying a small park under 20 pads. The park now pays the water and sub metering is the first thing I intend to do. I estimate it will take about 45 minutes to read the meters. This park has a mgr/mtc guy who gets a $200 rent reduction for looking after things. He also mows the entire park 2 acres with his own mower and gas. So it is not my time being tied up.

Also what brand/model do you recommend for the gun read type.




My community is 42 spaces and either covered in snow or just plain cold for half the year. It’s also on a hill. Being able to read meters without having to get out of my truck is worth the cost of the gun.

In your case, I think you have things pretty well sewn up. I can’t see that the convenience of the gun is worth the extra cost.

Experience has taught me that whatever type you buy, keep both an extra remote read and a meter available in case you need to replace one or the other quickly.


Wheat Hill MHC

(330) 426-9558