Need resident advice

I just sold an older 12 X 60 I fixed up to a single mom. She checked out great with perfect credit, full-time job, no debt and cash enough for the down and deposits. In she moves and lo and behold her “fiance” is now there. I demand an application and his credit is nothing but a Chapter 7 BK, tax liens and the addresses and work history don’t match up between the credit report and his application. I don’t want this guy there but he says he just “stays” once in a while. BS.

How would the rest of you handle this? Would you put him on the lease agreement, collect more deposit. what? Boot her out maybe?

I should also tell you that the lady only pays her home owner’s insurance monthly instead of getting a full year paid in advance. This may have been partly my fault as I may not have made myself clear. Now she doesn’t think it is necessary to pay a full year at once.

My feeling is this much hassle upfront doesn’t bode well for the future yet I did sell an older home and fill a lot.



Wheat Hill