Need recommendation on a broker to finance a new MHP purchase

Did anybody use Phoenix Commercial Finance Co. to finance a mobile home park purchase?

The Company is located in New Haven, IN ( Broker is Ron Hertenstein .

If anybody used them, What was your experience with the company/broker?

You can Private e mail to



Sema -

Call Pierce Redmond at Security Mortgage Group, or

Andy Margolis at Draper & Kramer

They dominate the market for financing mobile home parks. There is no need to deal with anyone else.



I used APEX to get a deal closed but need to refinance. Any bank or lender recommendations that service under $500,000?

Getting a loan that small means:

  1. Local banks, or

  2. Local banks, or

  3. Local banks, or

  4. Maybe a random individual you’ll find on LinkedIn or your local REIA group who does ‘hard money’ lending.

I prefer one of the first 3.