Need Partners For Lonnie Deals - 18% IRR For You, Perhaps More!

I’ve purchased an 88 pad MHP in 30 miles south of Oklahoma City in the State’s fastest growing county. 40 pads are vacant and I need capital to purchase homes. At approximately $15,000 per home, my vacancies present a $600,000 cumulative investment opportunity over the next several years.

I’ll be happy to either:

  1. Borrow money from you at around 9% or 10% secured by the homes and by me, or

  2. Invest my money alongside yours and we’ll both get equity returns of around 18%, perhaps more.

I’ll service the note and deal with headaches. You collect your profits and invest as much or as little as you like. Please e-mail me at if you’d like to learn more.

Happy investing,



I’m curious why you would only pay someone 8-9% for use of their money secured by personal property. If you’re really serious about getting the park filled, you should offer an investor closer to 20% until you have a track record.

Savvy real estate investors who want to be 100% passive can get 10% secured by real property (not personal property) all day long.

I also think you might have issues with mixing funds in the way you have advertised this opportunity. To avoid the appearance of offering securities (and attracting the interest of the SEC), you cannot have more than one investor involved per MH- at least that’s my understanding.

Not trying to attach you, just offering some friendly advice. I borrow lots of money secured by MHs and MH notes.


Anne -

Thank you for your feedback! I am brand new to this game and am still

figuring out what the market will bear regarding rates of return. I