Need Manufacturer for small homes

We need small 3 bedroom homes for our Austin, TX park, 14 x 56. If you know of a manufacturer for this size home, please send info.

Hi, try Fleetwood, Skyline Homes or Redman homes. The southwest and northwest regions build 14 wides.


Remember you can refinance your homes with

Is the previous paot legal?

Financial…they were rated #1 this year and last. Very few 14’ foot homes are being built here in FL. All D/W’s and 16’. If you buy new, the dealer will meet or beat any outside lender rate most cases or they wouldn’t sell homes.

Why buy new? Why not let Bo find you some nice repos?(click resources button) I met Bo and I like the way he operates. He helped place over 100 homes in a MHP in San Angelo, TX.

MH LOAN FINDER why not place your own ad in Resources? Saves typing

the same thing over and over again.