Need help :-(

Hello to All Investors

I always had a movile home park in mind to help my family out. Now that my family has outgrown i need to get up my butt and make something happened. I’ve tried almost all courses on line and TV but have not helped me. I have two properties in mind but i don’t know how to get an estimate on cost for either property. I know about the 30/60deal or no deal. property A is raw land 37acre asking price 4,600,000. close to everything. I could design the mhp (my dream). property B outside vicinity asking price is 4,000,000. 40+acre ( 11acre RV park holding 32 spaces renting at these time. 20 campsites w/elc-wat- .8 acre with dates.owner is willing to finance w/some cash. bad thing is i don’t have credit with very little money. I was thinking of using Hard Money lenders then after changes ref. What do you guys and gals think I NEED HELP HERE PLEASE NEW TO INVESTING. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE !



Are you looking to shorten your life by a whole lot of years or are you just a glutton for punishment? To jump into something like you propose as your first venture strikes me as insane.

I am in the business now and I can tell you it is TOUGH. Profitable but still tough. If you have enough money to play the game you describe, I recommend you get yourself a nice turnkey park and learn the ropes little by little. You can still make good money without a lot of risk or too much work.

You also need more education. MHM (one is enough), MHMs (go to every one of them), bootcamp (a couple of different ones wouldn’t hurt), and then you can call yourself ready.

Sorry to be so blunt but the sharks of this world look for newbies like you. No-one here wants to see that happen.


Mar let us start there, and we’ll see if you can play. Good luck. grin

you are joking, right?