Need Graphic/Logo and Brochure Designer

Friends -

I’m sprucing up my little 88 pad beauty in Oklahoma. I need a new logo and a new brochure to help kick off my expanded marketing activities. Can anyone please recommend someone who is good with design and layout of such things?

Many thanks,


P.S. Looking forward to seeing folks at one or both of the upcoming MoMs this fall…!

Hey Jefferson,

I am a few days behind, so just reading your post. This is Karen, the retired Fire Captain.

I use to make all of my marketing materials. You can create a really wide assortment of matching materials - letterhead, envelopes, business cards, magnets, postcards, T shirts, brochures and more.

They offer most of these items for FREE at different times, just pay shipping and handling. Another hint is always just pay for the ‘slow’ delivery method, things arrive within a week or less anyway. Definately get on their e-mail list to be notified of each week’s “free offers”.

They have dozens of templates so you could whip stuff up quickly, but I like to create my own stuff. It does take some time playing with the editing features, some of which are frustrating to figure out at first, but it is worth it, to be able to create some really nice ‘custom’ stuff.

I uploaded my own ‘photo’ I wanted to use, change color schemes and more, and was able to create a really nice suite of integrated products. The printing quality and paper stock is very good. I recommend going with the ‘glossy’ finish.

They do also offer a free logo and design service.

If you already have a picture you want to use, or use VistaPrint to design a logo for you, I would be happy to create a few items for you to review as a “MHP Warming Present”.

E-mail me at