Need Bookkeeper Who Can Think

Friends -

Do you have a bookkeeper you recommend? We need one that can think. By that, we mean someone who would, for instance, question a large $100,000 deposit into our bank account and not necessarily account for it as rent - someone who would notice that the deposit slip was labeled ‘APIC’ and instead code the deposit to the equity account on our balance sheet. Our new bookkeeper will also need to follow up with our manager every month to tie-out the deposits and make sure that everyone who has not paid has been given a 5-day notice (or evicted) as necessary.

Our needs might best be described as ‘85% bookkeeper, 15% revenue assurance/inquiry/thinker.’

Thank you so much,


Hi Jefferson,

Are you looking at virtual bookkeepers too? I could recommend a lot of good employees from this list. You can hire them at a fraction of the cost than hiring from other sources. Best of all, you could test them first before hiring them fully so you would know their potential.

I hope you find the right person for the job!

Anyone you would strongly recommend here from odesk? Also, do you have someone that prepares K1s for you and what does that typically run you?

Look on oDesk for someone who is QuickBooks-savvy, or AppFolio-savvy, or whatever accounting software you use.

As regards K-1s, we pay around $1,500/year for an entity with a few dozen LPs.

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I highly recommend Kristina (917) 214-3182

Just talk to her and you will understand why I recommend her.