NC Realtor with MHP experience

Can anyone recommend a realtor in the Raleigh Durham, NC area?

First, I would not recommend what you are doing because I feel that if you intend on investing in cash flow producing real estate, you should go out and seek the knowledge to be successful on your own.  This happens through education, experience, sometimes failing, and putting yourself out there.  However, brokers with CCIM designations have a good deal of training on commercial real estate.  Training they paid a lot of money for.  This is a link to the CCIM institute for NC. professionals should be able to analyze properties on an income approach (as opposed to an emotional approach).  They should also be somewhat competent when it comes to writing a P&S agreement for commercial properties (which is free in this site’s research library).  However, no one can guarantee they will have your best interests at heart if you involve them in your deal for a commision.  If I had to make a recommendation on what you should do, I would instead join the Raleigh REI club and attempt to find a competent, successful investor who may be willing to mentor you.  Most of these clubs spend a considerable amount of time reviewing deals with club members and the members collaborate and offer advice.  As with this forum, most successful real estate investors will offer very valuable advice for free.  You will also be able to gauge your deal’s worth by seeing how many people offer to partner with you on it.

Thanks for the advice Charles