Name change of park

Hello all. This may come as common sense to you but I missed it this time. Last week I purchased a park and changed the name. I notified the residents, made letterhead, notices, got an LLC, made plans for a new sign, you name it- I notified it! Well, except for one thing… I didn’t think about calling the County G.I.S. department before I did this. This is the department that maps everything out and assigns addresses for the emergency 911, etc… One of the City clerks brought this to my attention and suggested I call them. It just so happens that there is a new subdivision going in across the street with the SAME EXACT NAME AS MY PARK! Long story short, after a lot of begging, I was allowed to keep the name I chose since it has Mobile Home Community after it. I was trying to get away from that as Frank suggests but in this case I have to keep it. Just thought I would share this with you. Have a great weekend and remember, it’s the middle of the month, don’t forget those late fees!