My latest screw up

Ah, the joys of learning via the school of hard knocks.

I recently contracted with a company called Image Media to send out a mailing to local apartment renters. Their price was good and they put together a really professional looking 4 X 6 postcard. Imagine my surprise when I started getting LOTS of the cards returned to me. I couldn’t figure out why so many were coming back. Then I had the bright idea to pull of the USPS return mail label which was covering the original address. Imagine my surprise when I saw the card addressed to the recipient but without the words “or current resident”. Of course so many were coming back as apartment renters move all the time. I called the company and they said that I had to request this but I had made the erroneous assumption that this was SOP in the industry. WTF! They never even mentioned this.

The outcome of the mailing is from over 900 being sent out, over 200 have come back so far and I’m at the point where I’m afraid to open my PO box. The worse part is that I haven’t received 1 single call that I can trace to the mailing. Website hits, however, are up slightly.

Learn from my mistake if you decide to go this route.


Wheat HIll