My First Mobile Home Millions Experience

I thoroughly enjoyed my first Mobile Home Millions event last weekend. It will always be a most memorable experience for me. I carefully listened to all the lectures and learned much. I also was happy to see those whom I had met before and enjoyed becoming acquainted with new people who seem to have enviable knowledge and expertise. My father says that every seminar is notable for at least one important lesson learned; at this one, I learned two important concepts: cooperative networking, for one. As I am starting in this business, I certainly am willing to listen to good advice from those who are more


You have know idea what an inspiration you are to me as a parent. I want my kids to get involved in real estate investing and I am using you as my topic of conversation. I am going to copy your post to a word document and share it at this weekends family dinner. Start planning on what good things you will do with all your money because you will have plenty.

Rick Ewens

You rock!

Greg Meade


I, along with Rick, Greg, and evreyone else who knows of you are excited at your possibilities. I, too am using your example with my 13 year old daughter and our two younger children to educate themselves about the value of investing and the impact it can have on your future. Continue on my young friend and know that we are all in full support of you!

Jerry Ingraham

Yakima, WA

Alexander, it is always an inspirational experience to see you at these events. You cannot imagine the number of folks that meet you and later wish they had been as wise as you in their youth. To begin such an adventure at your age, to see you working so closely with your father and to hear just how well you understand what this type of life can do for you is simply amazing and humbling for those of us who took so long to figure this out.

We all thank you for inspiring each of us to do more.

And many thanks to Steve, Corey, Blake and their families for such a great event.

Tony Colella

Well, I finally have decompressed from this weekend. The quality of attendees continues to amaze me, what a super bunch of people! It’s truly something special to see the harmony of almost 500 people with different backgrounds, experience levels and goals get along so well…truly phenomenal.

For those of you who didn’t get to attend, we brought in some new speakers this year with great and timely topics. Our old standby speakers had new material reflecting the changing market conditions.

Wow, did I mention the inspirational stories we had in Austin? What a diverse group of people who faced challenges most of us will never go through, but they all had one thing in common…they took their education and put it to work and all of them are on their way to financial freedom and putting in a reservation with the UBA (Unemployed Bubba’s Association) Club.

Even though it took six months of planning, two months of sweating and a team of 10 on “game weekend” to pull it off, it was worth every ounce of effort. I’m charged up and ready to take my properties to another level.

I don’t know how it can get much better, but Corey and I have already started planning Mobile Home Millions 7.

More than anything else, Mobile Home Millions is a reflection of those great people who have sacrificially given to all of us in the past. People like Ernest Tew and Lonnie Scruggs and others who aren’t household names. I believe we owe it to them to continue the heritage and help as many people as possible achieve the dream of financial freedom so they can enjoy the great things in life that we have the pleasure of experiencing.

Mobile Home Millions 6 was special because I got to see old friends again and meet many new friends who have that look in their eye that often leads to success. It’s not the speakers, Corey, Blake or myself that makes an event one that people will talk about long in the future, it’s the attendees…the people who will use those three days as a springboard to setting a new course for their lives.

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic experience and I look forward to hearing about great things with your investing in the near future.

Steve Case