Multiple Tenants

I’m looking to rent a property owned trailer and one of the prospects is a an extended family - meaning the dad was listed on the application, but also planning to live there are his two adult sons, with one of them being married and expecting. It’s a 3 br, 2 ba. trailier, so there is room, however my question is two fold - 1) is this a good business practice to accept this kind of living arrangement, 2) do I screen all the adults or just the applicant? Income shouldn’t be a problem, I’m just looking for potential pitfalls to be aware of.


This is similar to any rental situation.

  1. Depends on what you are comfortable with and want to allow. Are there limited parking spaces per home? Are you paying utilities or are they sub-metered (more people in the home = higher water usage)? Many things to consider.

  2. I would screen anyone over the age of 18. I have read through many park rules and this is fairly common. It is always better to know who is living in your park than not.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the feedback. The utilities are sub-metered, which is good. I do like the idea of screening everyone.

Thanks again.

My guess would be that you are going to be facing a highly dysfunctional family situation. Plenty of drama, if you have a clearly defined set of rules you can expect that they will be pushed to the limit.
If you have strict screening standards it is unlikely they will pass. Adult children living at home means they are not responsible adults by any stretch of the imagination. Rules may mean nothing to them.
I would not rent to them but if the community is in the category of a “trailer park” where you collect the rent and let the inmates run the show this may not be an issue.

Thanks - unfortunately hearing the truth hurts, but great advice.