Mowing part of manager pay?

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I have a 60 space park with all tenant owned homes. Rent collection is now 100% out of the manager’s hands (Cashpay or internet). The manager get free lot rent (325) with no utilities included, plus $600 a month. I bought the park with a very nice riding lawn mower in good condition and we do have a lot of public space to mow (about 4 acres). This is in south texas, lots of rain.

The manager has said he wants an additional $300 to mow twice a month. Since the $600 a month was agreed to when he also had to collect rent, I think much of his time is now freed up as a result.

I don’t like have lawn mowing in house because I don’t want to maintain the equipment, and would prefer just to simplify the operation. Quote from a local lawn company is 270 to cut once a month (it seems like it may need twice a month to look good).

My question is, do most typically include the lawn care in the $10 / lot + free lot rent pay? and what would you recommend in this situation?

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I think you answered your own question - he now has more free time since he doesn’t have to collect the rent.

Collecting the rent takes about an hour a day, if that, and is a 5ish day process. What else does the manager do to earn his pay?

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I think your existing pay structure is fair. Unless there are other things the Manager is doing I don’t see a reason to justify the increase. The quote you got is confirmation and that service will probably do a better job more consistently.

The lawn company you can also scale back to once a month and pay less, whereas the Manager is going to want that $600 per month every month regardless how much grass needs to be cut.

In short, you should consider letting professionals do this and trim the fat off their responsibilities further.

Depending on location of park you wouldn’t need to mow for 1/2 the year. A 60 space park could afford someone to mow grass so that means you are out of pocket an additional $1800. However, with that being said, I don’t have mowing done in house. I don’t want a manager dealing with petty cash and driving to the store and getting gas so I contract that out.

Regarding his other duties, just basic stuff like picking up litter, enforcing the rules, posting demand letters. When we start to bring in new homes with the cash program, he may have to assist with that in some capacity. Its our first time using the cash program, so I don’t know exactly how the manager can assist, if at all.

Got it. I think he has things pretty good. In my opinion he has plenty of time to mow the lawn every two weeks or so when the lawn is growing. Perhaps you should ask him what he is doing with his extra time now that you’ve taken the rent collection off his plate and ask him how he can justify being paid the same amount when he is doing less?

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Congratulations on getting your payments 100% online. I’m curious as to what products and services you used to accomplish this? Paypal? Credit Cards? Quickbooks invoice payments?

Paylease Cashpay allows tenants to pay in cash at Walmart and other stores. That is what the non-internet people use. The rest use online ACH or credit card.