Moving a Pre 1978 Home

First time poster, long time lurker.
Question, I cannot find any Federal Case Law reference to moving pre-1978 homes.
I found this link:Ownership is sweet for Salt Lake County mobile-home park residents - The Salt Lake Tribune which states “Federal law says manufactured homes built before 1978 cannot be moved to other parks.”

I know there are local laws that pertain to specific jurisdictions (my park is in Utah), but I am looking for a Federal Statute.


There is not any federal law preventing moving a mobile home (making it thereby an “immobile home”).

The concern is that pre HUD (before June 1976) homes were not inspected according to a standard code, including construction safety requirements. As a result many movers will not touch a home without a HUD plate on it. For the ones that will consider it won’t offer any assurance of their services, or insurance if something does go wrong.

Local and state laws prevail - for now.

Rad, thank you sir, appreciate the quick response.