Mover to do the hookups?

I’m moving a 1979 home into my park.

The mover says he can do the hookups for $1500.

Should I let the mover do the hookups? Or should I get specialists to do their part, e.g., electrician to do electricity, plumber to do sewer, someone to hookup the gas, airconditioner guy to hookup the airconditioner etc. thanks.

Your city code may require someone licensed, especially for electric service to be turned on. It’s a personal comfort level for the other items.

Myself would probably hire an A/C tech to make sure the unit is operating properly after installation. You could probably ask the movers to hook it up but not turn it on and then have a licensed person come out after the electric is on and make sure it’s to code and freon levels correct, etc. Put in a proper pad for the outdoor unit, don’t let them put it on bricks or 2x4’s.

Water and sewer lines for me would depend on scope of work - if the lines are already run to the pad would probably let movers make the final connections assuming you have comfort with the materials they’re using (or you buy the materials). I had an uncle who bought a place and found out afterwards someone had used a garden hose to run water from the main trunk to an add-on bathroom. People do weird things when they’re not licensed.