Monument/Fancy Entrance Signs?

Hey there. I’m currently doing a turnaround on a big park (150+ lots).

Typically for entrance signs I will do some type of Vinyl with aluminum and it looks just fine and is cheap (under or around 1,000). For this park, I was considering perhaps doing a “Monument Sign” of sorts, and wanted to know if this is something you guys have done and would recommend? The point would be to get a better appraisal years down the line, but would it be worth the x10 expense?

I was quoted 7,400 for a sign similar to this monument below, it’s about 6ft tall, plus shipping and labor, it’s likely going to be around 10,000 or slightly more all in. I would do some landscaping around it to make it look better than in this picture, but this is the gist.

Entrance Sign

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I like it. A sign like that certainly can’t hurt your visibility…I guess it just boils down to what your budget is.

Due to me always working without partners and playing both the manager and the investor role, I tend to try to “do the most” with my budget and make my money go far. It works well.

I just feel for a property this size, I’m gonna have to change my style a bit, since even half a point on a refinance will mean a ton more now.

Just wasn’t sure if this was realistic or a waste of budget!

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Make sure that – whatever you do – it cannot be defaced easily. I guarantee that some idiot will spray paint F*** Y** on that sign within the first six months. You need materials that can have paint removed easily, which means no stone or sandblasted wood. If you want to go metal and surfaces that are non-porous, then that’s fine. Otherwise you’ll have a $7,500 sign that says F*** Y** in perpetuity.


@frankrolfe I’m scared to ask you how many times this has happened to you…

I hadn’t even considered the concept of somebody ruining the nice monument sign, and now I’m terrified of that concept!

It’s probably wisest I stick to the cheap (but nice) vinyl and aluminum sign, as if somebody ruins it, replacing it would be about 1/10th of the cost of the monument sign.

We have started to do metal signs mounted on cinderblock walls similar to

. A sort of industrial look. We have been using 12-point signs for all our landmark, office and community map signs and have been very happy with them. For smaller communities we do something like the attached.


I’m leaning towards sticking to my tried and true last sign you posted here.

Out of curiosity, what were your all in costs for the monument signs? The sign, shipping and installation? Any vandalism issues?

Total cost depends on several factors and size of sign. But anywhere from 10 - 20k+ all in costs for a v-shaped sign with 12’x6’ per side. The metal sign is not cheap and quite heavy.

This was in place when we purchased our 150 lot park, but I like it. We did the landscaping around it. Hasn’t been defaced yet. Now we just have to improve the park to meet the level of the sign!

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