Monthly rental invoices and receipts

I have SFR’s, duplexes and such. I do not send an invoice to tenants monthly for rental payments. Rent is due on the first of each month and it is their job to remember. However, I think it is probably correct to at least provide a receipt, and of course if requested.

What is the protocol for mhp’s? Do you send a monthly invoice and receipt via mail to owners and tenants for lot/home rent on a monthly basis?



You should check with your state rental regulations. There is a section dealing with receipts/tax receipts which will apply. There is usually a MHP section as well.

Owners of parks are required to read and learn their state regulations the same as any rental income property owner and should make a point of spending the time to learn the regulations governing their business.

If you do not know the rules how are you operating your business and how can your tenants know they are being treated fairly under the law.

Sorry Vasque if this comes off as directed at your personally. One of my pet peeves is that park owners (primarily mom and pop operations) some how feel that they do not have to follow any rules and generally never bother to make the effort to learn how to properly/legally operate their business. Most should probably not be in business in the first place.

We’ve never sent a rent bill. The rent is due on the first of the month, if not paid, we post a 5-Day Pay-Or-Quit notice on the 7th, and then evict on the 12th if still unpaid. You’d be surprised how far this goes to helping residents remember to pay. :slight_smile:

That said, I do have a client who sends bills. He has a first-class community with all master-metered utilities. We use a professional meter-reading company to read the MHP’s 100+ meters and produe a professional bill that includes lot rent, all utilities, and late fees (if any).

So unless you have such an all-inclusive and first-class community, I’d not bother sending rent bills.

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How do you bill then for individual metered water?


Sharon -

We do now send around a 1-page ‘invoice’ for water. The manager just fills in the form which has lot number, number of gallons used, and dollar amount. Still, it does not have their rent amount on it, and it is not mailed, it is taped to their front door or hand-delivered.

Thank you for asking for clarification,