I would like to thank all who were able to attend the MOM, Special thanks to the presenters; Dan Dawson, Mike Scarborough, Steve Hall, Chris Hollars, Brad Simmons, John Hyre, Ben Braband, Ken Rishel, and Frank Rolfe.

Every attendee had many other demands on their time, and chose to come and participate. I am grateful for your sacrifices made in order to clear your calendar so as to attend.

To those who have never attended a MOM; when the next one comes up, do your best to make it- You will be glad that you did.

Congratulations Shawn!!! Please send the transcripts. grin

Thank you Shawn, MOM was terrific! Although not as heavily attended as many of the other ones, the people who were there were heavy into the industry - and we learned things as well as networking with other people who are making it happen!

Jim is ready to try the mothballs in one of our homes.

The two parts on IRA investing were awesome. We have been doing that for some time, so it is good to know others are doing the same. Everybody can use more financial friends!

Ben Braband’s presentation on his park acquisition was a home run. How they kept moving forward after talking with 40 banks is a story onto itself, and his presentation on how they did what they did, breaking up a three park deal into three distinct financing arenas was very strong. He obviously has it all together - proper due diligence, funding, and a successful plan for completion. Jim and I certainly hope his time apart from his family does not last a really long time - having done that we know the sacrifices being made on both sides for the long-term goals. I think most people would have given up long before the project came to fruition, just with the fact that escrow took such a horribly long time.

I definitely agree with Shawn - plan to attend the next one, whether you are seasoned or a newby. The cost is extremely low for the things you learn. (A box of mothballs could pay our entire costs for the time we were there!)

Bargain for the bucks. Lots of networking, some excellent presentations. Had special fun agreeing with (and picking on) Bernd.

Thanks Shawn for the time and effort to put it on.


Great to have met you in person. I hope you and Ken Rishel put together the legal alternative for us infill community owners to circumvent the SAFE ACT. Have a great time in Chile

The MOM meeting was fantastic

Rick Ewens

Thanks Shawn for hosting the MOM event.

This MOM was different than the ones I have been to in the past. I noticed that most of the participants were in the business and had some real meat and potatoes to share. I can now spell COMPLIANCE and SAFE ACT much more clearly. Unfortunatley it has also caused a need for more Rolaids.

The Beat Goes On

Rick Ewens


The long drive was worth every mile. Thank you so much for your efforts that made this event come to pass. It was great fun meeting the folks that I thought I knew from the forums.

Due to a required early departure I missed the Saturday meeting but still feel I got more than my money’s worth. I am still in “AWE” -----is there any other group that goes out of their way to share their knowledge. Most investors go to great lengths to shut others out. I love you guys----THANKS!!!

My batteries are recharged! I will do my part to share my limited knowledge with anyone who shows an interest. I am now working with “Jim” a promising new guy. He has the skills and seemingly the desire. I will do my best to be the mentor. I will keep working toward making myself a better businessman.

Thanks again



Again, thank you, Shawn.

Most everyone was a seasoned investor, lending a more collegial atmosphere than past MOMs. Don’t get me wrong, I like mentoring newbies, it was just different because of those who attended.

It is likely a reflection of the economy and industry that fewer newbies are encouraged to enter the market. However, if anyone was not inspired by Ben Braband’s story, they were MIA or head-on the-desk asleep.

I’d be remiss to praise Shawn for a tidy park and his contractor for a great lunch spread at the park.

As always, it was great to see old friends and meet new ones.


I hated to miss this MOM, but it wasn’t in the cards for me. It’s the first MOM I’ve missed in many years.

What’s all this about moth balls?

The moth balls thing was just an experience I related during my rehab talk at the M.O.M. I was having trouble getting the dog smell out of a carpeted home. I had steam cleaned the carpets, sprayed the usual stuff all over the place and aired it out as much as possible but nothing was working.

The home was empty at the time and was ready for resale with very little effort so I didn’t want to tear up the carpet etc… The showings were going badly due to the smell.

My contractor I was using said we should try moth balls. We put moth balls in the vents (the heat wasn’t on at the time) and in the belly board of the home. The carpet didn’t have a heavy odor so we figured it had soaked through or gone in the vents.

At first it just smelled like moth balls and dog. Then just like moth balls, and then the moth ball smell went away and the home was fine.

Once the moth ball smell went away we were able to sell the home, and the buyer was very happy with the home.

This was not a day or two fix. It took weeks for the smell to go away. And obviously you want to give the mothballs time to dissipate. I didn’t have lot rent payments on the home and had other inventory in stock, so could afford to be patient.

It wasn’t something that I was recommending everyone do, just relating something that had worked for me in this particular case.

I’d also like to thank Shawn for putting together such a great event. There was a lot of knowledge in that room! It was also great to see Shawn’s impressive Mobile Home Community and meeting some of the awesome people on the forum and put a face with a name.


We have used moth balls for several years just as Mike described but with mixes results. Go easy on the moth balls as this smell can take time to dissipate and runs off as many good tenants as a pit bull would if loose in the house. I have had nearly every tenant prospect detect the odor and question or complain about it.

Just go easy. Unfortunately my handyman does not understand the meaning of “go easy with the moth balls.”


I guess I have to represent for the newest newbie of the bunch. No park, no homes just long on desire. Meeting this successful group inspired me to get into action.

Napoleon Hill urges the creation of a “Master Mind” group. Well, look no further. Everyone that attended was successful, not just monetarily, but in spirit.

Thanks for sharing. Kindly, Chris


You have what it takes to get in this business. You have gained some knowledge and now it is time for a business model and a plan of action. These forums are fantastic security blankets. There is always an experience backed opinion available if you are willing to let us know what you have in mind. As you well know after attending this last weekends MOM in Rolla the business is changing. If you can handle the upcoming compliance issues and the capital needs of the business you should get ready to fire.

I will tell you everything I know (takes about a minute) just ask.



Just want to thank you for putting forth the time and effort to organize everything.

It was great to get together with everyone again as I wasn’t able to attend last year’s M.O.M.

Thanks so Much,


It was great to catch up with old friends and met many new ones. Really enjoyed putting the faces to the names I’ve followed on the forums over the years. Shawn you were a great host, your Park was awesome. Thank You for putting the whole thing together.

I learned a lot, had great conservations, and was able to spend time with some amazing people. What else could you ask for. Thanks to all who attended.

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Give us the lowdown on the mothballs.