MOM was amazing!

This truly was the best planned, executed, informational MOM to date. This fact reinforces my plan to not host any more of them myself. The reason for this is as follows:

One of my fav all time TV series was Touched by an Angel starring Roma Downey. After several successful years it was cancelled and I always wondered why. Watching ET one night last year I got my answer. Martha the producer saw that ratingss were slipping and the reason why this was happening was simple; they had exhausted plausible scripts for the show. martha, the producer, had an awesome choice to make. fire the writers, screenplay writers, creative line folks and hire new or let the show run out the season and let contract lapse which is what she did. According to Roma none of the main players wanted new staff because of the close bonds that had developed.

In Troy last year I made the decision to totally stay out of this MOM and see how it went. Daph and David totally planned this MOM. I had exactly 25 minutes involved prior to getting there. I invited ONE guest…Alexander.

WOW!! as stated earlier this was the very best MOM EVER!!! Driving home I tried to pinpoint the best speaker and it was…ALL OF THEM!! I am amazed at all the knowledge and experience that was presented!

What had happened was I was out of ideas and energy and it is definitely time to turn this over to someone with new approaches and ideas. it was the right decision. It’s not that I did anything wrong, rather i was out of ideas and energy.

A very humble thanks to all that spoke. there were several VERY private peeps that overcame their limits and got up in front of the group to present. Another thanks to all that attended. without you there would be no meetings. sometime this year i will find my successor and post about them.

The highlights of the meet were meeting Daph’s Mom, David’s wife, and the news that Fred is ENGAGED!!! I saw the pics of his bride to be and she is beautiful and to see Fred’s beaming smile again was worth the trip!! I got about 15 minutes with my friend Steve Case and he is as busy as can be (what else is new?) Jim and Ellen are trucking on in their new Park and i know this will be a very successful venture…the Park is Immense!

Thank you all,

Greg Meade

Thank you Greg,

This was my second MOM. Greg, I appreciate your exceptional generosity. Despite hard times, you have been exemplary in encouraging and helping others. Your purpose to provide an accessible forum for others to learn has been accomplished and we are enormously grateful for that.

I also thank Daphne, John, Anne, David, & Mark for allowing us to tramp all over their parks. The speakers were individually and collectively inspiring. It was great to meet new people and, as always, catch up with the usual suspects.

Thank you again, Greg,


What a great event, I went to the MOM this year slightly down trodden, worn out, and beat up by the current economy finding myself tucked in to a fetal position in probably one of the greatest times of opportunity in our life time. A couple hours with Greg and then hanging out with the great folks from this group is just what I needed to boost my spirits back up.

As we come back from this event don’t forget that it takes action to make anything you learned come to life, I committed to a new deal and even looked at 4 parks on the ride back from the event speaking with the owners of 2 of them… My lesson was that I needed to further exploit what I enjoy most (making deals) and step up where I can best help others. (bringing deals to folks that are having trouble finding one)

What was your lesson this year? Have you already implemented it? If not, why not?

I want to thank everyone involved for putting this event on again this year, the education and friendships that form outa this event are priceless! Anne & David I LOVE your park… Congrats!

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler

I too agree that MOM VIII was a tremendous success!! Greg… words cannot express how much gratitude I share with those that participated, for your giving of time, talents, and treasure.

   As we pass through this life all we can do is leave an example and inspiration to those that come with, and after us. This can be either positive or negative. For you Greg I can truly say that yours is exceptionally positive!! Through those you have helped and those you have inspired the future has been changed. You have made a great impact on humanity as well as the mobile home industry. Just watching your eyes light up as you talk about this industry and those in it such as Alexander is proof enough that you are dedicated to helping in any way you can. I am sure I speak for MANY others when I say you are truly..truly.. appreciated. 

   To all those that helped in MOM VIII,  I thank you so very much. Without your dedication this could, and would not have been possible. 

    I too came away with a renewed enthusiasm and many new ideas that I am sure I will use in the coming months ahead. For those that could not attend you truly missed a great learning experience. 

Dan Dawson



Thanks for being the impetus for ALL the MOMs! What a great idea. I agree that you, Daphne, John and David did a wonderful job.

Some highlights for me were hearing the mayor of Madison talk about how wonderful the Lowes are, and what a great job they are doing in their park; ALL the speakers; seeing Mark’s park, Magnolia Ridge up close and personal; as well as seeing old friends and talking to some new folks.

The biggest Aha moment for me was to realize that filling my park, which has been WAAAAY slower than expected (by me, I think David feels we are on schedule) IS GOING TO HAPPEN! I have been a bit overwhelmed by trying to sell or rent MHs for 6 months how, and only been successful in the last 4 weeks. I was especially refreshed by hearing Mark and Babacar talk about their successes, because they are local to me (Babacar needs to sell cardboard cut-outs of himself for the rest of us to put in front of our homes for sale). The good news is, tax season is right around the corner, and I’ll have lots of inventory ready to go.

It was so great to see everyone, thanks for coming to the park. All the residents wanted to know if we’d “won any awards”. I told them we had.


to all of us WOW! I don’t want a cardboard cut-out, i want the real deal to help me sell and rent mobiles. WOW! And truly humble about his accomplishments.

Something this MOM really drove home to me is that the resources (time, money,experience) was sitting in that room and available to all attendees. Think about that…amazing. There is not one person that attended that i would hesitate to call if i thought they had positive feedback to aid me.

I have heard that a problem shared is halved and i can’t tell you how many time me and Ryan,John, Fred, Daph, Chris, Sandi have spent a half hour or more just sharing concerns or problems. After these calls I feel like a huge concrete block was removed from my back…what a great resource and a lot of us are going thru the EXACT same things right now!

Tony C was unable to attend…HE IS GETTING MARRIED!! I can’t wait to meet his bride-to-be…you know she is a special lady!

Anne, your park will fill…it is an amazingly beautiful Park, with not one square inch of wasted space. Pride of ownership shows and there is no doubt in my mind it will be mostly full this time next year. It is refreshing to find a Park that was thought thru before the first shovel of dirt was moved!You and David make a great team and I see wonderful things happening there…

Thanks for showing us your Park Anne,


How about it Babacar? I think we could all benefit from your experience and attitude.

I had a BLAST at MOM! I am back now and pumped and ready to go. Babacar’s presentation was so great it pushed me to get my first Lonnie deal today!! Thanks Babacar. It was a great purchase too.

Thanks to everyone for putting on such an excellent event!!



That is awesome, Cole! I love to see people putting what they’ve learned into action and moving forward.


I am both amazed and humbled that I was able to inspire anybody. All I was trying to do was learn more about this mobile home business that I love so much.

MOM was once again amazing to me. Thanks to all who attended and specially Greg ( you are my inspiration)

Shawn, I hear you about a Blog. I don’t know that I have what it takes, but if I can help anyone I will be willing to try.

Cole, way to go! The first one is crucial. I wish you much success. After, its all rince and repeat.



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