Mom viii

An event to be remembered! And all to the credit of Greg Meade, the founder whose generosity of time, energy, and money, with the aid of his co-sponsors, made these gatherings possible–all for the benefit of the rest of us. All without any obligations or financial contributions expected from the attendees.

MOM does not require membership but welcomes anybody who shows up. Where can you find an assembly of highly experienced, successful entrepreneurs who offer invaluable information on how to achieve individual financial freedom and independence–all for the benefit of the attendee?

Only in America: conceived and offered by the remaining real, the classical American.

Our simple “Thank You” conveys more gratitude and respect than my words can convey.

A suggestion for your consideration:

  1. As discussed, the actual cost of the event should not fall on a generous few, regardless of their financial stature, but attendees should assume the costs, say $50.- per person, on a voluntary contribution basis. My friends and I offer to anyone who needs it a job to earn the $50.-. Financial independence cannot be achieved by freeloaders.

  2. If MOM scheduling of the meetings were done early in the year, then people such as John Hyre, Karl Warner, and others could arrange their other obligations accordingly. Their contributions at these meetings should not be missed.

I agree Bernd. There should be a way to contribute and I think that should be the way from now on. It’s not fair for a few to take the burden when so many are willing to help.

Well said Bernd.

Sounds like a great event, sorry to have missed it. I spoke at Ohio REIA convention this weekend, went quite well, we sold a fair amount of product and also picked up quite a number of REI clients large and small for tax work. I am driving to Indianapolis today to speak at the REIA there, will stop in Hartford City & Gaston to take care of some MHP issues. I’d be glad to attend MOM next year, tentatively we could do drive-by of our parks near Fort Wayne (assuming that my partners are OK with it, I imagine they would be), only downside is that Ft Wayne is not nearly as convenient as Atlanta.

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