MOM VIII...(long)...(of course)

MOMVIII will be held this year in Athens, GA. The date will be November 7th and 8th and we have a very cool format this year. We are going to tour TWO parks and this will be a great time for all. The price is…FREE.

We will be viewing John and Daph’s Park Madison Woods and David Protiva and partner’s Park Las Casitas MHC. The tentative schedule is as follows:

Friday 9 AM we depart from the hotel on a chartered bus (or two) and will first tour Madison Woods, grab a quick lunch, and then we will tour Las Casitas. After returning to the hotel, we will have John and Daph have a short answer and question session about some of the things we saw at their MHC that day. This can include financing, bringing in homes, landscaping (you are welcome Rolf), anything at all. David and his business partner will do the same with their new community. There will be a fully stocked bar there where drinks can be purchased by any and all and a full time bartender (not me).

Saturday there will be a typical MOM format with the following Speakers:

  1. Alexander (My hero) L/H packages/ IT Guy, 17 years old (any questions?)

  2. Rolf Jacobs (Park Owner) and landscaper

  3. Rick Ewens Park Owner, mod on MHU

  4. Jamie and Paul Richardson Park Owners ( father and daughter and very cool)


  1. Clayton bank rep (Rusty)

There are still three slots available, Daph and David will fill these by September 1. I won’t be presenting this year (nothing but booooooring stuff from Florida this year) LOL.

I ask Tony and Scott, Steve Case and family, Fred Balke, Ryan, Lonnie and Joanne, Lin, Jim and Ellen and ALL the regulars to please make the trip…this is gonna be a GREAT MOM.

Some of you may recall I discussed a Sunday optional meet for some and I have dropped this idea. There was tremendous response for it, but the negatives outweighed the positives for me and after much soul searching (and I mean real soul searching) I will leave this for another time and another place. There were some truly dreadful e-mails I got and make no mistake I like a scrap, but to offend ANYONE is really not my nature. I like to help and teach…two of my strong points (I hope). There are folks on this and CRE that feel strongly enough about his, that after the year I’ve had, I’m out of strength to fight the good fight.

I realized that if even ONE person did not attend MOM because of a spiritual context of a portion of it the entire intent of having this segment would be greatly diminished. I am sure I will receive some heat for this retraction as well. I

Can I be the bartender??? Wait that’s probably a bad idea…

Thanks for putting on this event on again Greg! One day I’ll have me one of them 34’ yachts and maybe I can get ya cornered for a bit that way :wink: Have a great trip bro!

Seriously folks, this is a really great group of people that wants to see others succeed! There is no reason not to attend the event, if you only put 1% of what you learn to use you will pay for the trip many times over!

See y’all there…

Ryan Needler

I attended the MHM event in Austin and heard people mention MOM. Sounds like it would be another great educational opportunity. What are the requirements in order to be able to attend. I am only a beginner. If qualified, how do I sign up? Thanks



Jim and I want to commend you for the EXCELLENT job you have done over the years with MOM and with new investors. We were a pretty small group when it began, and encountered some issues along the way! Who hasn’t, though, eh? There are very few of us that are still involved that started at MOM I! Just think, the “small group of Florida investors” has grown to a huge size of investors from all over the county. They come, as a huge part, because of your devotion to the newbie.

It sounds like you are really beginning to kick back. Congrats! Not everyone has the ability to actually do that - whether monetarily or in their minds!

Florida started, for you and for us, as a great place to invest. Unfortunately, over the last few years things have changed dramatically. We are very fortunate that we chose to relocate and buy a park in another state, although we still have some very underperforming assets in Florida, and have been feeding some of them on a monthly basis. I have watched many SFH investors who we know lose their shirts over the last year or so, with many foreclosures - some losing as many as nine properties because they over-leveraged and could not sustain the standard of living that was artificially created. I do believe that market will come back; it is just a matter of time.

You are, as always, very welcome to visit any of the places we may be residing - whether our Florida home, our Alabama home, or a home in another state… Jim is headed for Florida on July 8th for a week to take care of some business down there, but I will be in Alabama during that time. We both will be leaving for Florida on July 19th to spend a little time at home before we leave for Seattle and the MHU cruise! We expect that to be our first true vacation in several years, although we will do have some planned business activities and discussions that will occur! (Annual meetings are a great thing on vacation.)

In the meantime, we are grooming a manager for our park in Alabama, and she will be holding the reins while we are away, almost a three week stretch! Jim’s cell phone, which is our main business number here, will be in her possession, and will ultimately be one that she carries.

If we do not see you before, we will most definitely see you at MOM. Good friendships are hard to find.

few MOM’s Ellen. You and Jim havwe been to every one that i can recall. I’m gonna kick back for a while. We want to go to Australia next Spring. The great Barrier Reef is calling to us. I like mobile home investing, but I LOVE scuba diving and spear fishing, and surfing, and barefooting.

We are kinda scared to try this trip right now, we got lost even with GPS off Tampa and no one realizes just how …er…HUGE the ocean is until you are out in it with no landmarks and dense fog. You are a SPECK and we are gonna hone our navigational skills prior to striking out for Aussie land.

July 1 we we will be out of the set up portion of this business. Overhead is killing us. To fill one toter with deisel is 2K. Insurance on 2 toters is 3K per month. Revenues were high enough it made sense. In slow times it is killing us…we have been feeding this portion of the biz for 7 months. We will manage our 63 rentals, and sell the occasional home. We predict upswing in biz in 2 years.

Florida is having a “perfect storm” in mobile investing right now. Insurance, property taxes, financing…we feel it will take awhile to stabilize. We are not leveraged and this has saved us. Like you, we have many friends that are losing everything cuz of highly leveraged deals. We made our last HM payment payment this month and we are not going to borrow more until L/H’s start selling for reasonable prices again.

It will be great to see you both in November!



Have no regrets, yours and others’ spirituality is already expressed through your work.