MOM VI (long)

I have had several calls and one e-mail about what MOM is about so for the newcomer here are some quick facts:

On the advice of Ernest Tew I started a Meeting of the Minds meeting in Gainesville several years ago. Ernest was gracious enough to help me co-host the first one and it was predicated on a simple concept…bring mobile home folks together and share experiences, dreams and hopes. Anyone who knows Ernest knows he has spent his entire life helping others make money in mobile home ventures( same as Lonnie).

This was my small way to contribute to others as so many helped me get started. The first one was smallish and they have grown steadily since.

Last year was in Albany, GA and we spent one day touring Fred Balke and Steve Case’s MHP there and one day of meetings…it was soooo cool that I am following this format this year with a tour of Karl Warner’s new Park, Terramar. on Friday January 26 and the MOM meeting Saturday. Karl has a very HUGE Park with a few unique twists…I can truly say unique as you will see.

I have asked the following to speak in 50 minute segments:

Steve Case - The Man in MHP development period ( he co-hosts this forum)

Ryan Needler- The how to get rich with OPM success story.

AnneND( now GA) Of CRE fame and an amazing story ( plus a great person)

Jim and Ellen Brenn- new Park owners and very savvy (and cool)

Karl Warner- Amazing person B4 Terramar, co host of this meet.

Daphne and John Lowe-Turnaround Park owners in GA (Great folks)

Left 2 slots open because i like to give folks from this forum a chance to share if they have a service or idea that will enhance the network we try to achieve.

The price of admission? A desire to learn and share. This is a free event and I have been contacted by two posters wanting to sell seminars or books and I had to decline. The only two groups that are always welcome to advertise at these meets are Steve Case and Corey Donaldson from this site, and Sandra Dooley (Ernest’s daughter) from Geneva Financial.

These two groups can promote, sell, advertise at will because I believe in their programs, bootcamps, seminars, and books.

To the newcomer these meetings are a way to meet the “real deal” people doing deals. MHP’s, Lonnies, land homes, repos, retail, wholesale, hard money, note buying and selling, financing, insurance. The contacts you can make are priceless. The one common thread all attendees seem to have in common at these meets is they are doers. Right ,wrong, or indifferent they GOTC and do real deals. Bring MHP deals to this meeting…good things happen here for financing the right Park deal.

Hope to see a crowd, please RSVP so I know how many chairs, tables, etc. If you would like to speak please e-mail me, I have 2 slots open for anyone to talk. Would really like to hear from a finance person and an insurance type person, cuz in FL we are having a crisis with these two issues.


Greg Meade

Hey Greg,

The MoM in Albany was one of the best events we have ever attended. Put us down for four places (bringing son and his wife this time). We have been waiting for this ever since Albany.

                                                            Roy and Cathy

Were looking forward to this trip Gregg,

Thanks for your hard work in putting together these great events.


Warner Robins Ga.


Fred and I are going to plan a “flyby” over Karl’s park on our flight over from Albany, it’s going to be a blast.

There’s one thing I wanted to make clear to all of the folks coming out and joining us about promoting and selling. I come to this event as a participant and to be around people who are making things happen in this great business. This is not a sales or marketing event, there are other venues for that. I am not bringing books, tapes, etc., just my business partner, Fred…and he’s not for sale…LOL.

For those of you who are just thinking about attending, stop thinking and plan on being there. Take it from others like Roy, Ricky and Terese…this event is like no other. Greg has carried on a legacy of giving and helping that great men like Ernest and Lonnie started years ago.

Plus, it is fitting that the meeting will be held at Karl Warner’s park. He’s truly one of the brightest and creative investors I know in the business.

Man, it’s going to be good and I can’t wait to be there.

promoted your own programs but the point I was trying to make is that you are welcome to. With all the folks doing bootcamps and seminars, you are one of two I would not mind setting out info. I have talked to several dozen participants that have gone to MHM and Bootcamps you sponsor and I know they are the real deal, as a matter of fact not ONE complaint which is an amazing stat.

It will be great to see Fred and you in Jan. Steve!


Where is the MoM event, is it in Georgia?

I found my answer Edgewater,Fl.

I am a newbie in this arena of RE Investing and need all the education I can get on this subject. From what I can derive from the above, the meeting is in Edgewater, Fl. and begin on January 26. Is that correct?

follow the link at above post on MOM and come on over. These are a blast to attend (and host) and well worth the price of admission…(free) LOL. Tour of Karl’s Park begins at ten Friday in hotel lobby…break for lunch, finish tour and enjoy the evening in Daytona or???

Saturday meet starts at 8 am and goes til 5 with an hour for lunch.

hope to see ya there!



Wow, I Can

I plan on being there and it looks even better than last year (although Freds park was great to see). This is great since this time my wife is coming along to get a crash course in the business.

Can’t wait,

Jad Deakins

sounds like a great opportunity.please count me in for 2 seats.


Hello everyone! My wife Tina and I will be attending MOM this year. We are about as green as they come but we can’t resist this event happening so close to where we live. We’d be fools not to attend. We also want to thank everyone who posts on this site and have shared in their knowledge on Mobile Home Investing. We have learned a lot!

actually designed for the “newbie” to learn a little about the biz to see if it is something you want to pursue.

There are some extremely qualified mobile home and finance folks attending and they bring a WEALTH of knowledge to share freely…how cool is that? See 'ya there!




Please put me down for two. I am looking forward to it. Thanks.

Tom Chenoweth

Creg, after talking to you, I called Best Western & reserved a double room. I am looking forward to meeting you in person. Thanks Tom Fawcett

Hi, Greg-

So far, I’ve just been a lowly lurker- but I’ve been learning a lot!

I’m looking forward to coming to MOM to learn even more. Please put me down for one. Thanks!

Greg -

Thank you for organizing what will be, I’m sure, another great event! I’m looking forward to seeing you in Daytona. I am in the middle of closing on my first MHP, so hopefully I’ll be an official Owner by the time you see me in Florida…!