MOM Update

Jim and Ellen Brenn bought a very nice turnaround Park last year near Troy, AL, and if you read the blogs you know they have been kickin’ butt and taking names to get rid of bad apples and turn the Park around. They have graciously agreed to co-host the event this year.

Speakers to date:

  1. Jim and Ellen Brenn (co hosts)

  2. Dave and Betty Jackson (Park Owners)

  3. Fred Balke (Park owner and a GREAT guy.

  4. LinNC SS owner (yea!!)

  5. Chris(NC) a very cool lady (Park Owner??)

  6. Ruben and MichaelKCMO Lonnie Dealers and OP$ specialists

  7. Vanderbilt rep (as yet unnamed)

  8. Greg Meade

  9. David Protiva Park owner (multiple) and Broker

I have invited three more speakers and will post when they let me know aye or nay. We will try something a little different this year. i just went to Scott and Tony’s Bootcamp in NC and i want to take a page out of their book on format. Friday we will tour Ellen and Jim’s Park and maybe have an evening session for them, David P and LinNC… posssibly start at 6pm and go to whenever. Jim and Ellen have then got time to go over acquisition of their Park, a frank discussion on some of the probs they ran into right from the beginning. i really don’t want them rushed…they are living the dream and I want there to be time for questions, etc.

David Protiva is a real interesting guy and I would like to hearmore about what he does. People I greatly admire respect his work and that’s good enough fo me!

Lin is the most persistent person I have ever met period. I want her to have the time to fully explain the journey she travelled to acquire a bizzillion SS units. She is an inspiration to many folks in my field…

Ellen found this meeting place and well priced rooms:

Holiday Inn will charge $76.99/room per night

Every 25 rooms booked will give us one free room.

They will give us a free meeting room.

Breakfast is served 6-9:30 daily

Dinner is served 5-9 daily

They will serve lunch on Saturday for us.

Their telephone number is (334) 566-1150

They want a credit card to hold the rooms.

Holiday Inn Express is next door and they can handle overflow

I blocked out 50 rooms. If you only need a room for Friday night (or Thursday and Friday, etc.) the rate still applies. If these sell out I will grab another 50 rooms. It is critical to get the rooms now. mention MOM meet and discount applies.

These are cheap rooms…the same room here in FL is 109. There will be some free rooms and I have private investors that are happy to help with cost of food, gas, etc. please email me or call me if you need help getting to the meet…most of us have needed a hand at some point in our lives… there is no shame in that , there is shame in forgetting this later on in life.

These meets are for the new person. Not sure if this is for you? Don’t know where to start? Start right here. meet folks actually doing deals. I hope there will be at least 3 folks here that have written books on Mobile home Investing.

I host these to give back what has been so gladly given to me. The cost of the event is free. If you can make this meeting I want you to… there is a huge amount of talent and smarts at these meets and getting started can change your life.

If we can get ONE person involved in Mobile investing thru our collective efforts all the time, cost, and energy is well spent!


Greg Meade


Wow, what a great line up of speakers. I love to hear people talk about something they are passionate for and every single person on the list is not only excited about the business, they are out in the trenches making things happen.

I can’t wait to attend, it’s going to be great.


P.S. Folks, if you really want to meet people who are determined to become financially free through mobile homes and/or self storage, you need to attend this event. Don’t let the price fool you, there will be more talent and energy in Troy, AL on that weekend than anywhere else in the country…I guarantee it!

Steve -

With an endorsement like that, how could I miss it?!

See everyone there!

James Hagarty

Just got an email from Ricky and Therese from Macon, GA.These folks have been to every MOM I have had I believe.

These are quiet, modest people…they own several parks I believe and they were in-filling before the word was used. I have always wanted to get to know them better and this year I will. They have a wonderful story.

Steve, you nailed it…this line up is full of go getters, the interesting part is they are all so different. Old(me), young, professional, blue collar, college educated, school of hard knocks (me). Millionaires,thousandaires, hundredaires(me)LOL

But we all share at least one common thread…a passion about this business!

See ya there!!


Hey Greg, you forgot that after the tour of our park we have MORE touring to do! Brad Weidman and his partner have been in the Troy area for about 3 years and attended Steve’s and Corey’s bootcamp. They specialize in land/home packages, have a mobile home franchise, and have rental parks! We will get the chance to see land/home packages in different stages around Troy. They also own other parks and properties in other states, so they are really living the mobile home life. Brad and his wife are California transplants; what a lifestyle difference - Los Angeles, Ca. to Troy, Al!

So, the four of us Troy transplants are looking forward to having so many of our friends drop in for a visit. I’ll bet there are still some surprises to come…other people to show up, new deals to talk about, etc.

will put him as first speaker on Sat…I am soooo excited! There will truly be something there for every one.

I hope all the regulars can come. Steve, Lonnie, Joanne and some new friends Scott and Tony can hopefully come to this MOM…I love to see this cooperation between different events; so many are learning so much for so little!



This will be my first event. I’m hoping to gain basic knowledge and develop a plan of action. Is there any registration required or do I simply reserve a room and show up?


Dave Schuck



No registration required - just book your room and show up! We have gotten word that our block of rooms is almost full. We can still get another block of rooms, but won’t do it until this one is full. Our block and special rate run out on October 1. If anyone runs into a problem getting a block room, let us know and we will see what we can do! (Greg blocked 50 roooms.)

Thanks Ellen

I booked a room, the hotel staff said the event was from Nov 1-5. Is there an itinerary available?




The event itself is actually November 2 and 3 - Friday and Saturday. There is no official itinerary. Friday during the day is touring facilities, there is an evening session and more sessions on Saturday.

I am going to be in the OK/TX area in that time frame in my motorhome. I would love to attend the event as I will be on the road looking for a MHP to purchase. Another day headed east is no big deal.

I hope it will not be a problem if I stay down the road a few miles in an RV park instead of the hotel.

I would suggest staying at Deer Run, which is about 2-3 miles north of our park. Alternatively, if you will be wanting to stay south, there is a Good Sam park in Ozark, but that is about 1/2 hour away.

Thanks. Deer Run is where I was planning to stay.

Greg & All,

First of all let me say THANK YOU for putting on such an event and your willingness to share your knowledge on this forum and others. I don

come on down!


Hey Greg,

I just booked my room for MOM. Thanks for hosting such a great event. I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Tony Colella

See you there!! great news


Question?? What time should we finish up on Saturday? Also when we go on the property tour on Friday do we need to have transportation? Sorry not sure it’s my first one! Thanks

there…I can carry five more comfortably. We do these on low budget (no budget) and we will find a way to get all parties there.

We tryto finish at 5 or 6 or so…I’m not a real organized kinda of guy. These things tend to work themselves out…usually.

the loose itinerary is start fri 9-2 park tour ,l/h tour. break for lunch in there. Meet from 4-9 at hotel fri evening. 8 amsat meet starts 12-1 lunch wrap up at 5 or so.

have many speakers scheduled…will probably not speak myself (B-o-r-i-n-g)



I’m looking forward to another great MOM! Thank you Greg for all you do.

For those of you ‘newbies’ or ‘hope-to-bies’ still fence-sitting about this event, let me say that largely because of training and insight I’ve gotten from this group (Greg, Steve, Corey, Fred, David, Daphne, etc.) I was able this year to:

  1. Find a great 88-space MHP (on eBay!)

  2. Negotiate the price down 22%

  3. Get an 81% LTV mortgage at a fair rate

  4. Manage the park remotely (I’m in California, it is in Oklahoma)

  5. Pay myself 15% cash-on-cash

  6. Make 100% gain on my equity within the first year

  7. Have the upside income of 42 empty spaces to fill in the coming years

Thank you all, and please come join us in Troy for some great education and networking.