MOM Update

Well, we have 113 confirmed attendees this year!!!OMG a small city…I am sooooooo glad I don’t have to get up and speak in front of this crowd!! LOL.

Tell me there is not interest in financial freedom and MHP’s. Karl has gotten use of the community room at his Park, and we have Speakers listed at posts below.

Itinerary will loosely follow this format:

Friday the 26th we will meet in lobby of Best Western @10 am and pool over to park…we will tour Karl’s operation…it might be 2 hours or 6 hours…I am so ready. This is a UNIQUE Park as you will see. Have fun, network, surf, swim, golf, eat (yeah) and have fun in the sun (I hope). It was 81* here yesterday.

Sat we will meet early 7:30 or so and head over for the meet. Maybe pass the hat and have pizza and salads delivered for lunch and finish up at 5 or so.

Ryan and I will stay later to pick up chairs and clean up room…some folks are coming over a day early to get caught up (me included) and some are staying sat night to enjoy beach on Sunday…

These meetings are not very structured I’m afraid…neither am I. Things happen when they happen and this drives some (really good) folks crazy…I belive the message is more important than the format and if the meeting goes over it goes over ( or under). We are all very busy folks and I do realize that and will try to stay with this program.

With this many folks I will need some help this year. I need the following:

  1. 2 people to Name Tag folks and get contact info on laptops.

  2. 2 people to help me set up (and restack) chairs and tables.

  3. 1 person to help coordinate lunch food (order & pickup?)

  4. any local folks please bring ice chests ( with ice) for soda use.

I will provide these drinks, but i only have 2 ice chests…for 220 sodas? Not good! LOL

Everyone take care getting to the meet and have a prosperous New Year!


Greg, sounds like you have thrown together another hell of a party! No doubt some great things are going to happen. Nice work!

Tony Colella


Per our conversation on the phone tonight, I will pass out name tags and log contact info. and anything else that you need help with.


Holy Smokes… 113 Confirmed is a hell of a lot of people and the makings of one super sweet event! =) I can’t wait!

Let me know what I can do to help and we’ll make it happen!

I hope everyone has a great new years and makes something happen in the coming year that will change their life for the better. No doubt this event will be a great starting point for a lot of folks and will take many others to even higher levels. Thanks for putting it all together Greg!

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler

113! Wow, its growing faster than a weed!

I’m excited, let me know what I can do. My mind might not be so good, but I’ve got a strong back.



What a fantastic job you


I will help with any of the needs above, just say what. I am a pretty fast typer so I can enter info on the laptops (though I currently don’t have one of my own) or move stuff around (I am good at that…). Just let me know.