MOM Meeting Schedule

Does anyone have a meeting schedule with dates and locations for MOM’s for the next couple of months?

there is a paid event, a MH with land and small parks boot camp in Asheville in August - check CRE board for details later in the year.

I will be (likely) hosting a West Coast MOM in October or November in Seattle - no charge event, no frills, just like Greg’s MOM. See, our MOMs are related.


family I guess LOL. As soon as you get your dates Steve, post 'em…i was gonna visit my wife’s brother in Everett and attend your meet. good snow boarding in Snoqualmie that time of year.

MOMVII will be held in the Fall in Troy, AL. (didn’t we go into AL looking for Georgia Steve?) Dates and times are still vague (what else is new?) but look for early November?

I can’t wait to see ya in SD this weekend…what a line up!!!


The Asheville event sounds great. I have a park there. I am new to the website and the mobile home park game. Can you tell me what the CRE is? Thanks for the advice and insight.