MOM May 21-22 Rolla MO

Here is some hotel info for the upcoming MOM to be held May21-22 in Rolla MO.

The event will be held at Zeno


Thanks for organizing this - I hope to make it.



Hey all - I am fairly new to the forum. What does MOM stand for? Sounds like an educational experience with networking but the acronym escaped me.

I am originally from Rolla and would be interested in attending.

Thanks, Chris

Meeting of Minds Chris, and yes they are educational. Differnet aspects of MHP investing-operations with be discussed with experienced investors making presentations. I hope you can make it.

Also, if you haven’t yet done so; spend some time in the archives section of this and the other MHP forums - they are rich with useful information.


These events cost $100 or less to attend (you stil have to pay your travel expenses and hotel) but the networking is exceptional. Investors of all walks of life and all levels attend and share what they are doing.

These events are not some book or course pitch or upsell to another event. Just a meeting of minds that Greg Meade started several years ago so that new folks could network with other investors and have a chance to learn even if they didn’t have the money to attend the more expensive boot camps.

There is no catch, hitch or hidden agenda. Bring the deals you are looking at and folks will be happy to help you analyze them etc.


Thanks for the feedback. I definitely would like to attend. I need the mentors to get me off the bench and into the game. My goal is to buy a park by the end of the year. This could be the uplift I need to make that happen.

Kindly, Chris


Sounds like a great line-up! Jim and I are planning to drive up from Troy on Thursday.


I am planning on coming and was wondering were you looking to get the $100 now or just when we show up in Rolla?



Jad, just look me up when you get here.


Thanks for putting this on. Made my reservation yesterday. Will hand you a Ben Franklin when I get there.


I have my plane tickets in my pocket and a vision of MOM Rolla in my brain. I too thank you Shawn for putting this event on. I will see you Thursday the 20th. Dr B lets get together Thursday if you get in early enough. I should be at the hotel about 5:00

Looking forward to being there, can’t wait to catch up with you all, and hear about your experiences over the last 18 months.

Can we buy audio or video of the MOM event if we cannot attend?

Sorry,no videos. really the speakers are great, but the networking is the best part.


Just made my reservation at Zeno’s for Thursday the 20th & Friday the 21st. Looks like I’ll be there!

It’ll be me and my girlfriend. Right now I have a room reserved with a single queen bed but would be willing to upgrade and share a room with another COUPLE and split the cost if anyone is interested. That would cut each of our room rates almost in half!

If interested feel free to reply to this thread, email me at mmhllc"at"msn"dot"com or to call me at 816-665-5408.

Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!



I’m in too. First MOM for me. Really looking forward to the networking.

Shawn I want to come to the Mom, I should have attended Troy a couple of years ago. And I didn’t drive to Albany either, and I won’t drive up there either. Wish I would, but it’s just not in the cards this year. Last week, I uninstalled my Fleetwood on the lake at Lakeview Village in Opp, and planted it on a newly developed lot here in my small park in Dundee, AL. I am breaking a rule I used to have about living in a park your affliliated with. Well, seems like for six years now I live wherever the best opportunity seems to be. Wow that Lakeview Village in Opp was a place to dream about, but, with the economy like it is now, and me driving 400 or 500 miles a month to manage my small park, I moved to my hometown, and the territory for my work and in the community I’ve been trying to turn around, slowly. I sold it twice, since I got it. I don’t like operating trailer parks at all Shawn. I just became my first infill this year, and have four to go, plus want to develope a lot for a shelter and RV, at the end of my private road I have to maintain. Damma, I"m rambling. Shawn yall have a great visit, and tell us all about it, and teach us something after all is said and done.


It’s absolutely unbelievable to me that MOM couldn’t be a daily chat room like Facebook or IRC and we could all get acquainted just as well in cyberspace. NOW is the time to stop wasting money hunting things we already know. I can’t imagine networking outside of 100 miles of Hartford could ever help me, so I guess I just won’t ever attend. It seems insane. There is nothing new under the sun!

Bill, Alabama will survive a few days of your absence, It sounds like you could use a recharge of MHP investor energy too!

I concur about the social networking sites (as well as the forums) but there is something to be said for face to face meetings (the original social networking method).