MOM Just Keeps Getting Better!

Our thanks to Greg Meade and Karl Warner for putting this event together! Each MOM has grown, both in interest and attendance, and the number of deals and partnerships that have come out of it! At least one partnership was formed yesterday from conversations at MOM 1 1/2 years ago!

Karl’s park is definitely different than most parks out there, and he is to be congratulated for this great find. The speakers were terrific: Lonnie Scruggs, Steve Case, Anne_ND, Ryan (NC), Daphne Lowe…where else can you hear this wealth of information for free? There is a great mix of investors that have been at this for several years and potential investors who truly get bit by the bug while here! The friendships that are forged are real and long-term.

Those of you who missed it - plan NOW to attend next year. Even better, make sure you have your tickets for MHM in San Diego for next month! I paid MUCH more money for my college education than I have paid for the education I have received at these functions. Want to guess which was (and is) the better investment?

gettin’ better is cuz of those attending like you! I love your s and Jim’s park Ellen and to meet folks actually doing the Park deals is great…you will soon have a “community”. I am going to MHM arriving Mar.2 eve and leaving late sun. I have a closing Mar 1 and can not travel that day.

As you remember Ernest Tew started my very first meet with these words," The best investment we can make is in our own education" These are words to live by.

I love hosting MOM but make no mistake, to attend a function and have the time to spend time with friends with no stress (and forgotten items) will be just great. Steve and Corey do a fantastic job with these functions and with the speakers listed the minimal cost of this event makes it a true bargain.

Hope to see my friends there and will make new ones I’m sure…need a ride from airport? call me.

Greg Meade