MOM in Ft. Wayne in September

OK, the first tax season (April 15th, 2nd one comes September & October 15th) has passed & I have a little time to breathe. I’d like to host MOM in Ft. Wayne on September 19th & 20th. It would be a no-frills event, with the object to network, listen to a few good speakers (“doers” from this site, as opposed to platform salesmen), network, look at a few parks (mine and Briton’s, per his generous offer), network…and network. I mean to book a speaking room within a week unless responses indicate that my chosen date is a poor one. Offers to speak from experienced investors are welcome, and in fact necessary. Format can be whatever you like. I suggest case studies, a bit of speaking with a lot of Q&A and back and forth. An idea of who would like to attend would be helpful. Figure that the cost will be @ $99 per person (certainly no more than that), two nights in a hotel (rates are generally < $100/night) and hopefully one in four attendees will bring or rent a car, as I have no intention of dealing with the logistics of a bus to get to the parks. Thoughts welcome.

I’m in John, Don’t hesitate to ask for any needs that may arise.


Tentatively, Alexander and I will come. The MOM will be during Alexander’s first semester at a Junior College. Thank you.



I see no problem with the date. I’ll be there.


to see you putting together a MOM in Indiana. It took me a fewdays to process this idea and I can’t begin to tell you how proud and happy this will make Ernest Tew.

Ernest is one of the greatest, kindest, and smartest people I have ever met. His absolute dream was to have forums and meets where info was freely discussed and a network begun to help educate new folks. to be honest I didn’t get this whole “give away all this proven info freely” thing at first…it kinda went against everything I had ever been taught. I get it now. If you notice, there are folks that post here that are very protective of newbies…Steve Case, Lonnie, Ryan, Lin, John, Daph, Jim, Ellen,Tony to namea few.

I don’t know of a better way than to present accurate info…what works, what doesn’t. Anything I can do I will gladly do…need a projector? I have one…it will be great to see these meets all over the USA. New York needs one and my friend Rick is hosting one in NC this Fall.

Reading this post gives me the shivers…I’m very proud to be part of the protective group above The whole intent for these meets was to have newbies rub elbows with really doing it investors. 2 MOMs ago I shared a meal table with 4 multi millionairs and two folks I provided funds to get there…and you know…we had a great time and were all equal because of our love of this business…the newbies felt apart of not apart from…it was ahighlight of the meeting for me.

This is gonna be so cool,



Thanks so much for offering to host this. When you first mentioned it awhile ago I was afraid it wouldn’t come together without someone really stepping up to coordinate. Thank you for being that person.

I will most certainly be there!



I’ll be there, I’ve wanted to see Britton’s parks for a while now… How can a 25 year old be retired??? I can only hope to see it in my kids =)

If ya need anything just drop me an email… I’d be happy to help if I can.

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler

Hey guys,

I look forward to seeing everyone and checking out John’s parks!

John---- Your posts are always very inspiring. I look forward to meeting you. Please let me know if I can do anything to help.

Also I have one couch up for grabs if anyone is interested in saving on a hotel room. I live 25 minutes north of Fort Wayne. I thought about singling out someone I have met before and offering it to them. However there are several of you whom I have met or are very reputable long term posters and I may be comfortable opening my home to. (Ryan, Greg, Dr. B, Jeff, Shawn if any of you want the couch its yours) Most likely I will stay after hours a few hours after the main event so if you would like to stay up till 4 am get a hotel room.

I for one am always a guy whom is trying to cut cost and can relate to anyone interested in the couch :slight_smile: First come first serve. 260-908-0012

I am glad this is happening!!!

Briton (IN)

I think the dates are fine, and you can count me in. I know it’s been said 10 times already but anything you need, just ask…

I’ve spoken with a few of you and communicated mostly by phone and email. Really looking forward to meeting everyone.

Brian Beck


Count me IN. Sounds like fun.

These are actully the 1st dates that have worked for me.

Look forward to finally meeting everyone !!



Sounds like a great idea. I’ll be there! Thanks for putting this together. Let me know what I can do to help. I’ll drive up, so I’ll have wheels there to help chauffer folks around.



I usually attend these events stag and get my own room. Thank you, Briton, for offering your couch but I will politely decline for two reasons. One: I am a late-nighter when it comes to MOMs, etc. Ten PM when at home, 2-5 AM when away. Two: By getting my own room I can offer party space or, as in the past, I have provided a space to an attendee that showed but had not booked a room in advance. “You know, like, you can crash at my place, man… its cool” kind of thing.

Due to the “economic climate” (mine is good), I will now offer to share my room with a male newbie, gratis (that is, for free). I am not biased against newbie women staying with me but my wife might be.


As we discussed yesterday John, I am in. I am looking forward to meeting everyone who has helped me over the years to get into this crazy, but profitable business. I’ll be driving over, so I can haul out of town visitors around to the parks. Let me know if you need any additional assistance from me.

Make it a great one!

Brian in Columbus

I too am a hoosier. You can count me in. I live in valpo so if you need anything let me know. Sounds like it will be well attended.

I’m in!

Speaking of case studies, I’ll be happy to give a presentation of ten mini-case studies roughly entitled my ‘Top 10 Mistakes … Even Though I Regularly Attend MHM and MoM.’

Heck, I’m sure I’ll have 2 - 3 new doozies to add to the list by September…

; )