MOM Athens Georgia Nov. 7 - 8

This Forum has some very intelligent people contributing information. I hope you will make time to be at the MOM meeting November 7-8. I would love to hear you share your thoughts in person. This is a great meeting for us newbies in the business and the old timers too.

Rick Ewens

I want to go.

Hey Rick,

My partner and I will be there. Ironic I’ll meet you in the East coast as we are both from CA :slight_smile:

Look forward to meeting you and the rest of the members of this forum.



Great Howard

I am glad to hear you guys can make it to MOM. We are neighbors in NC with our parks and I would like to hear how things are going for you. I am in NC today and its beautiful. We are starting to feel some of the effects of all the bad economic news. We have 4-5 teneants on the fence ready to be evicted. Oh well who ever said the road to success was a straight line. See You at MOM