MOM Athens Georgia Nov. 7 - 8

Below is a repost from Greg Meades original post in June for the upcoming MOM meeting in Athens Georgia. All the meeting and hotel information is below. We all need to get signed up. IT IS FREE just get there.

I am one of the speakers this year and cant wait to share information about the lessons learned from the mistakes I have made. I will also be talking about what it is like to manage a 150 space turn around park from 2400 miles away. It can be done and it can be successful. Ryan Needler mentioned today that it is time to get off the fence if you are considering getting in this business. There are deals out there to be made. Look at the volume of price reductions on parks for sale. Reality is setting in for people who want out of the business. Now is the time to move in and make those sellers happy. I have a lot more to share and it is not all about success. I will talk more about the road to get there. I will provide all the research web sites I use and the educational path I followed to get into this business successfully.

There will be several other speakers giving real life examples of what this business is about and what we are doing in these odd economic times to be successful.


  1. Alexander (My hero) L/H packages/ IT Guy, 17 years old (any questions?)

  2. Rolf Jacobs (Park Owner) and landscaper

  3. Rick Ewens Park Owner, mod on MHU

  4. Jamie and Paul Richardson Park Owners ( father and daughter and very cool)


  1. Clayton bank rep (Rusty

  2. David Protiva ( Broker and park owner ) David has been in this business a long time.

  3. and more

MOMVIII will be held this year in Athens, GA. The date will be November 7th and 8th and we have a very cool format this year. We are going to tour TWO parks and this will be a great time for all. The price is…FREE.

We will be viewing John and Daph’s Park Madison Woods and David Protiva and partner’s Park Las Casitas MHC. The tentative schedule is as follows:

Friday 9 AM we depart from the hotel on a chartered bus (or two) and will first tour Madison Woods, grab a quick lunch, and then we will tour Las Casitas. After returning to the hotel, we will have John and Daph have a short answer and question session about some of the things we saw at their MHC that day. This can include financing, bringing in homes, landscaping (you are welcome Rolf), anything at all. David and his business partner will do the same with their new community. There will be a fully stocked bar there where drinks can be purchased by any and all and a full time bartender (not me).

I ask Tony and Scott, Steve Case and family, Fred Balke, Ryan, Lonnie and Joanne, Lin, Jim and Ellen and ALL the regulars to please make the trip…this is gonna be a GREAT MOM.

As some of you may note, this is a much more expensive format from years past. I’m here to tell you I could not foot thi$ on my own and John, Daph, David are stepping up to make this happen. Years past we would all pack in the largest vehicles and car pool, and some of the meets were so small everyone got to speak

Hi Rick,

How do I Sign Up for the MOM meeting ?


(Montreal, QC, Canada)

Im looking forward to it. Me and my dad are coming.

This MOM is going along about the rest. We have confirmed 14 rooms and 24 attendees. I get a lot of, " Not sure we have the fuel, or time) for this MOM.

I expect there will be 75 -90 attendees and it will be GREAT.

Get the rooms early folks!


There is no formal sign up for the upcoming MOM in Athens GA. Just make your room reservations and be ready to go tour 2 parks at 9:00 AM Friday the 7th of November. My # is below if you have other questions. I look forward to seeing everyone.

(805) 550-9753

Rick Ewens

I dont mean for this to be a slam on anyone, because I realize that even the most ambitious, well intentioned and motivated person can fall on hard financial times and be short of money. But this MOM is an opportunity to get a FREE education and prepare ourselves for future opportunities. There will be people at this meeting that are successfully involved in all aspects of the mobile home business. Take advantage and remember successful people take action and continue their educations. You wont be worried about gas money or hotel money in your future if you are ready to take advantage of future investment opportunities. Lets all work on our personal financial freedom. I am always working on financial fluency and financial knowledge, because I dont trust other so called experts with my financial future. I dont have anyone to BAIL me OUT

Rick Ewens

Rick or Greg:

Is there room for any other speakers? I attended a mobile home conference last week where one of the speakers gives away homes and makes millions doing it. Probably the most unique business model I have ever heard. I told him about MOM and he is interested.

Let me know.


Wheat Hill MHC

(330) 426-9558

rolf. David and Daph are rounding out Speakers…we should have an agenda out in a day or so.



That business model DOES sound unique! Would you give us quick summary of his pitch? I would love to give away mobile homes and make money doing it!

Was this at the OMHA conference in Columbus last Thursday? I was going, but had to back out at the last second.


I would love to have gone, but I will be speaking at OREIA on the same days. Hopefully next year…

See my post.

The conference was very interesting.

Well…I opened up my schedule to attend this time. I missed last year and regretted it every since. Look forward to meeting many of you there for the first time, and always happy to renew friendships with others again.