Mold Mitigation and Eradication

Hello there,

My husband and I have just purchased our first park. We are park owned and we have one unit that has some mold in it. I have been looking around to see what is the best solution. Any suggestions?

Call a mold remediation specialist and have it tested.

Most mold is harmless, but some are toxic.


Define “some mold”. That would greatly assist in providing advice.

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You did not mention how severe the problem is. If you have a little bit of mold on the bathtub, because nobody cleaned it for a while, you just wipe it down. Other problems can be more severe.

I had apartments and dealt with black mold a lot unfortunately. Depends what State you are in as to how you can handle it. We had out maintenance go in and rip out all the drywall two foot up from the concrete slab and replace. Also cleaned and sprayed with 10% Clorox bleach. But, it depends on if you deal with local ordinances etc.