Modular homes in parks?

I was at the Home Show this weekend and a vendor was selling tiny houses at very reasonable prices. These were larger than RV’s and not mobile homes. I would describe them best as smaller modular houses.

I asked him how hard it was to comply with regulations and he said not at all - you just have to get them inspected by the local inspector.

Has anyone tried installing modular home in parks? Can you put in a modular home and still rent out the land beneath it?


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Cater to your demographics. If the area can sustain “tiny homes” then try it. I know of a nearby park that is in the middle of a bunch of true trailer parks. However, the park is close to Downtown and is on a Lake. The owner (who is a tiny home manufacturer) has over time converted the park to tiny homes and its full of young people who think its cool. However, I have been involved with some parks that couldn’t sustain newer homes much less tiny homes.

Its all up to where you are and what you think the area will sustain.


Be VERY careful. Small homes may be considered REAL ESTATE as opposed to personal property. Then you have a whole different set of problems, especially with eviction, etc. When you have any homes in the park, make sure they have axles… without them, the local authorities may consider you to have converted the park to a housing development, and you will incur their wrath about code violations, permits, property taxes, zoning, … the list goes on and on. And we all know how local authorities just love our wonderful mobile home parks. (NOT)

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