Modern custom-built mobile home builders?

Hey guys! I’m under contract for a small park near San Antonio TX and I’m super excited to get started! It has 4 park owned homes that are very old and need to be replaced. Rent is very high in this area, and I think there’s room in this market for something a little nicer. I’m not a fan of the plastic type walls, cheap cabinets, laminate floors, etc that a lot of mobile homes have. (No offense)

Are there any custom mobile home builders in Texas? Something like what these guys ( are doing but on wheels and up to mobile home standards. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Custom usually means expensive. What price point are these? Most here try to supply good quality affordable housing to our tenants. This does not include berber carpet, mahogany floors, and custom cabinets.

When you start asking $1,200 rent for a mobile home your tenant pool dwindles considerably in most markets. I target being under 20K all in to sell, and even less preferably.

I’m not saying what you’re proposing won’t work - it’s just very uncommon and the market is smaller for that type of buyer. Exceptions are California and Florida. It’s not something I would try personally in Texas.

If you intend to bring in homes you need to find buyers not renters.
Buyers should be able to get bank financing on new homes and allow you to stay with the core business of renting lots.