Mobiles homes to hold to flip?

Should you buy and hold mobile homes (not parks) or shod you flip? Thoughts on this?

You should run your numbers on a flip to get your baseline profit.

You should run your numbers on a rental to find out how much profit you will make on that rental per month (or year), make sure to include maintenance and cap-ex costs.

Take your estimated flip profit and divide it by your monthly rental profit. This will show you the break-even period (in months) of a rental vs. flip. Hopefully with this information you will be able to better decide which method is correct for you at this stage in your investment career.

If you are buying homes on their own land then you’ll have land appreciation as well to factor in.

Some people like to invest in mobile homes, and some like to invest in parks. Some like rentals and some do not. It all depends on your abilities to manage and maintain. I have found that being remote, it is tougher to operate the homes than the real estate, so we prefer not to own mobile homes. Others do only rentals and are very successful.

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