Mobile Homes right outside the MHP I'm looking at on on their own lots

I’m currently looking at a MHP and I just noticed via Google Earth that there are a decent number of MH 's on their own lots off the main road leading into the park. The park currently has decent occupancy and in looking online it seems many of these MH’s on their own lot require like $5K=$10K down so I’m thinking this may not be a problem as I doubt the majority of MHP renters do not have an extra $5K lying around.

Has anyone bought a park with some MH outside the park on lots before and if so does it seem to be an issue?


I also was interested in a local park that seemed ok except for that same issue. The deal is locked up now so I don’t have to think about it anymore. Lol

Irrespective of all of this your test ad will reveal the demand for housing there. You will be more affordable than the land home deals being owner financed. As a result you can offer either lower monthly payments or a faster road to ownership, maybe both, which will be more attractive to a set of tenants who don’t like maintaining a yard or don’t have the financial means for both the home + land.

Your test ad should take this into consideration and look at comps etc when evaluating a price point to either rent credit, rent to own, cash sale, or whatever your plan may be.

There are many areas where MHP’s are stacked up next to other MHP’s and Buyers have similar concerns. If they’re all full, except the ones terribly managed then you still have a winner and the test ad will confirm it.