Mobile Home Weights

I need some information I have so far been unable to track down.

As background info I am being forced by our Landlord Board to place a tenants home

in my park in a location I don’t want it.

I am forced to prepare arguments to make my case and I believe home weight may be a deciding factor.

The situation is that the tenants old home burned and she purchased a replacement against my advice.

The original home was approximately a 1975 measuring 12 X 65 with it’s original domed roof.

The replacement home is a 1997 measuring 14 X 68.

The situation is that the original home was placed with the side wall touching a buried septic tank lid on one

side and in close proximity to a primary buried septic line on the other.

This placed the original home over 1/2 of a septic tank that is 40 years old.

There is no way to locate the new home other than in the same location with the side wall against the septic tank lid

which places the other side, and piers, 2’ closer to my buried line. However actual location is irrelevant as

what I am arguing is increased risk. Worse case senerio I argue the tenant must inform their insurance company

and have them accept liability. This alone may prevent the placement as insurance coverage may be denied.

IN making my arguments to prevent placing this home I am relying heavily on arguing the risk this will pose

on my septic. I am arguing that due to the difference in size of the home all of the piers (placed on grade) will

be sitting on virgin soil and the downward radiating pressure could/will eventually damage the old tank it sits on or

crush my buried septic line. Both these situations would require the removal of the home to repair.

My question is does anyone have any idea of the approximate weights of a 1975 12’ X 65’ and a 1997 14’ X 68’.

I am figuring based on the difference in both construction methods and the sizes there must be a difference in weights.

2" X 3" compared to 2" x 6" walls, domed roof compared to peeked, 1" X 3" compared to 2" x 4" interior walls, thin

aluminium compared to heavier vinyl windows etc. etc.

Does anyone have stats. or a research source.

I believe a good number to work from would be 25,000 pounds.

If you were really ok with the home, you could require they double the number of pads the home is placed on. That would further distribute the weight across additional points on the ground. So in that area, maybe 24 inches between the pads…

Jim are you saying the newer larger home is 25,000 lbs heavier than the old home.

If so then how much does the home likely weigh in total.

The fact is I don’t want the tenant and have been fighting the tenant board for almost two

years now to keep her out since her old home burnt. I have tried to evict her since I bought

the park in 2008. In fact I served her the first eviction notice the day after I took ownership.