Mobile home value

Hi everyone. I have a POH in our community. One contractor said he thought it was a total loss which I tend to agree with. The frame is likely in good shape and I don’t think the roof has any leaks but other than that. Its a 1968 Fleetwood small 12 x 40. It would need to be gutted. I put an ad on craigslist and there seems to be interest in coming and removing it for free. I just don’t want to miss out on anything if there is value there. I think it would take 10k plus to get it livable and it it was gone with no money out of pocket I could get lot rent from a RV right away. Any thoughts would be very helpful Thank you! Dave

If people come to remove the home for free, who’s responsible if the home falls apart on the road or highway?
I’m in the same situation. I have some dilapidated homes I want to get rid of as well. It’d save me lot of money if I can remove it for free.

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If I had a 1968 12-wide that was in bad shape, I’d put it into dumpsters.


My guess is that if you sign over the title and let the DMV know its on them. Hopefully they have required permits, experience etc.

Thanks, that is exactly what I need to hear. I am going to start looking for MH removal / demo companies. People have interest on craigslist but no one has the money or capability to get it out of there anyway.

Before you Demo any MH, get an asbestos inspection.

That $300 inspection will save you TONS of headaches.

The last thing you need is Grandma Shirley calling the health department on you and then you end up on the 5:00 news.

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theres no title on homes that old. I say if someone wants to take it for free let them