Mobile home University Contract

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I am considering selling a mobile home park and I heard MHU has a good contract to use that protects both the seller and buyer? Anyone know how I can get my hands on the sales contract?

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By the way I want to sell the park “AS IS”

Email me at and I will send it to you

Typically the buyer produces the contract. I, as buyer, would not want you as seller to draft the contract. If you were selling to me and you sent a proposed contract, my first instinct would be to discard it and start over.

Also it is a very bad idea to use a contract template without legal review. A lawyer is a small price to pay to ensure you are addressing the laws in your state and the nuances of your deal. For example, here is Delaware, we have unique laws including rent control on mobile home parks and a right of first refusal that must be reported to the government (including the attorney general). If you filled in the blanks and did not engage a local attorney, you would have illegally put the property under contract.

The concept of protection of buyer and seller is false. A contract leans one way or the other, and the only way to change the lean is to negotiate.

Where is the park located? and how many spaces?

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Hi may I ask where this park is located and how many units? Thanks!

Hi AJ, I would love to know more about the park you’re considering selling. My email is

Email me what you are selling when you can. We are looking and very serious


Can you send the park information to

This is funny that nobody responding is addressing the question of where the contract can be found, but everybody is asking how they can buy this property.