Mobile Home Toter Weight

I am starting a mobile home installation business.
I am new here but have spent weeks looking at Florida laws. There is no required weight class for a mobile home toter. I have a S1600 Innternational 17900 GvWR and a International S1700 24500 Gvwr. I have seen S1654 mobile home toters online so i know my truck can handle the load of a single wide. I would not probably tackle a 16x80 but i was wanting your guys thoughts.
I have spoke to a Lt i. DOT and he conceded that there is no specified GVWR class assigned to pull these loads. Therefore i cannot be cited for something there isnt a law for. As long as your tires, brakes and all other required equipment is in good order i am fine.
Anyone on here haul with a small truck like these starting out?

Mike check some former similar topics on your subject on this board. One area to gather information is to be employed by a present operating MH toter. The business is very sporadic and you need at least 2 or more helpers. Since you are in Florida and looking at over 620,000 new RV’s produced this year? that is another option delivering new RV’s and of course moving used ones. Wish you the best from central Florida.