Mobile Home Setback Requirements

Hey I have my first park in escrow right now and according to the city planner mobile homes on the park can only be replaced if current setbacks are not encroached into. Does that mean I can not replace existing homes with larger ones?

Also can someone explain what a setback is? Thanks.

See if there is a survey recorded. It could very well mean that you cannot put any larger homes in the park. Set back is how many feet off the boundary line. If you have a five foot set back as an example means you cannot place a home within five feet of the boundary line.

Thanks Paul I just requested a current site plan from the seller. The planner said that front and rear setbacks must be at least 5 feet, with 10 feet in between homes. So basically the setbacks are dependent on the boundary lines in the survey but are NOT dependent on what the existing homes’ current setbacks are right?

Example: If the front of a home is 15 feet from the boundary designated in the survey then that space can legally take a home that is 10 feet longer right?

Yes but I would tend to think that the homes that are currently in there are compliant with zoning. As long as you stay within the 5 and 10, there should be no problems.

I’m not an expert on the subject, but this is my basic understanding:

There were legal setback requirements established when your park was first built.

Those legal setback requirements have likely changed over the years.

Legally, you are only required to abide by the setback requirements established when the park was first built, and no requirements passed in any years after construction can be applied to your park. (barring things like safety concerns)

If this Park was established before zoning laws were applicable then the setbacks are based on what was in place. If you can demonstrate a 3 foot setback that still exists in the park then you have an argument that this setback is the minimum - but not all homes consume it today.

Get a great muni attorney with grandfathering experience to guide you on this before you make any decisions…