Mobile home roof repair

Hello all…have a 70s flat roof mobile home that is leaking in at least 2 spots in NY. What would be a reasonable estimate for a roofer to replace? Looked at some repair videos looks beyond my abilities. Thanks

You’ll probably get a better idea for your market by posting a craigslist ad for a handyman to roll on some CoolSeal or other rubberized membrane. My guess would be a couple hundred bucks from an unlicensed amateur handyman.

Keep in mind that a patch or recoat of CoolSeal is only a temporary repair. If it is your own home and you intend to hold long term you may be farther ahead to spend the money on a conventional roof over.
As a rental temporary is fine.

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thanks. it is a rental and we have been socked with many storms this winter. I just need a temporary fix for a couple of years. Any idea how much this should cost? mg