Mobile home rental credit agreement

I have a question about the Mobile Home Rental Credit Program that has been in use.
My concern is that if a complaint is filed with CFPB, the program as designed may be interpreted as a “disguised financing” agreement and while the plan may be used nationally, if used by a small operator it could turn out to be the “test case” and break the operator.
May a suggestion be to tie the benefit to the lot rent vs the home, then the accumulated dollar benefit could be used to reduce the price of the home at the end of the term. It may be that this could all be accomplished within the space lease document itself or reword the MHRC agreement.
This is not meant to be critical, but constructive.

If it ties to the home at any point… isn’t it doing the same thing, just in a different way?

I am wondering if the CFPB is going to serve any purpose as part of the Trump administration.

They just deferred the implementation of rules against Payday lenders, which in my opinion is one of the “scum of the earth” business models.

I think we can all agree that if you treat people fairly tenants are not going to report you to anyone.