Mobile Home Relevel - Typical Cost?

I have been getting quotes to relevel mobiles before the remodel, but feel like the prices are sky high - between $450 and $700 per unit plus materials.

What are the typical rates you guys are getting for this work? Does $450 plus materials seem in the ballpark given this is an hour outside of Houston and in a smaller town?


We are in that market and it does not seem high to me.

But I do not recollect ever doing this because we assume the installer did it properly. Perhaps we should learn to do it (or at least check it) ourselves.

I believe this is done with a water level – does anyone know the actual procedure?


If set on sound foundation packed rock with drainage, concrete strips, etc you never to relevel. Since your base is unsettled and or wet you might have a continuing problem. Some use water level but tie downs might need to be reset and at doors readjusted, skirting removed and replaced which takes time. $450 is Very reasonable but difficult to warrant work long term!!!

Thanks for this @Brandon.

I am doing this for the homes that have been sitting 20+ years and vacant - need a facelift to get them under a new rent / credit program. A couple need raising about 3 inches on one side due to settling…

Found this website informative on the procedure, including using a water level -

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If the ground doesn’t move, you never need to relevel. Sometimes the ground moves over time. Frost heaves, for example. Leveling will always be an issue eventually in a place which is not flat.

I have personally leveled numerous homes. If you hire a contractor that shows up with a spirit level tell him thanks but no thanks. Anyone that levels without a water level has no business doing the job.
To level you raise one side slightly then the other (1/2" - 3/4" at a go). One side then the other in small steps until the entire unit is level. Multiple jacks minimum 20 ton should be used together. I normally use 4-6 jacks to reduce stress on the frame.
Do not start at one end doing both sides at once or you will damage the frame/home.


@Greg how often do you get broken pipes or other items after a relevel in your experience? Should I plan to have a plumber on site before I turn the water back on, for example?

I have never experienced broken pipes from re-leveling. Assuming they know what they are doing and keep an eye on the lines to insure they are not snagged on anything there should be no issue.

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Our installer charges $500 for leveling homes in our park in Wichita, Kansas.

We have been leveling mobile home for 20 years in dallas, fort worth texas area and pride ourselves on honest fair prices. The old saying you get what you pay for does not apply in this industry . Do your home work and hire those lisensed insured and bonded to start and the BBB is a must. Prices very determined by the size and type of underpinning you have there are always veribals in service work. .http//

Greg I have been leveling mobile home’s for 40 year’s with spirit level’s you can make up for saging floor’s and a lot of other thing’s all you can do with a water level is level the pier’s do you want the house level or just the pier’s Greg you are as dumb as a box of rock’s

Interesting. I guess the saying about old dogs must be true.
As I have stated I would never hire a amateur with a spirit level to level a home. If the piers are not level, which you can not do with a spirit level, you do not have a level foundation to work from.
Not sure what you are leveling buy it definatly is not the home if you do not start with level piers.
You may want to do some research and catch up with the newest and latest technology.
They actually have laser levels now. Not as accurate as a water level but they have there uses.
A spirit level is as useful as a bag or rocks in leveling a mobile home.

You are right about one thing old and wise dog,you call a water level new technology your the one that needs to catch up with your old air infested water level,what do you think the floors are sitting on the frame’s and the frame’s are setting the pier’s so if you got the floor level then you have the pier’s adjusted I said if they come with a water level have them water your plant’s. and leave the leveling to the wise old dog.just leveled three last week you where just a toddler when I was setting up mobile home’s and leveling them.

Wow, some really cringe worthy advice in this thread. First in foremost, my family has been in the mobile home moving and setup business since the 70s. The price range for leveling a single wide will run you from 450 to 600 doubles 750 to 900. You need to be licensed and bonded and should have a insurance. Don’t let joe blow with a stick level, level your house. The frames must be level with themselves in order to protect the integrity of the frame most importantly and truly that’s the only way to keep a house level, not by adjusting the level of the flooring…jeezzzzz wow. A water level is THE MOST efficient way to level a mobile home because you are leveling the blocks under the frame, not the structure of the home!!! All mobile homes need to be checked for leveling every few years, They all settle and move. Very very rarely they will sit level over a ten or twenty year span, but don’t check at your own peril. Ive raised houses up to two or more feet from one end to the other, yes that’s for frame bending that far! It’s a floating system, they will move and settle… period. If your on blackland prairie type soil, (black gumbo) you better check every other year, very expansive soil type.

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Anyone in here that can recommend a reliable, licensed setup contact in the Minneapolis or Central Minnesota areas?

Most mobile home owners know that a company in any state has by law to be licensed, insured and bonded. What most weekend warriors don’t know is to do so without is considered a criminal offense I know crazy right. I think they may be concerned if your home burns down and your home owners refuses to cover it and the contractor has no insurance and no way to pay because he’s sitting in jail.

Well if you can find someone that can do it that has experience it will cost more, the type of people that charge that is one of two types extremely hungry or been in the business for a year and truly knows nothing pick your poison.

The cost to relevel a mobile home fluctuates a lot here in Alberta, Canada.
If you don’t mind if they have insurance, business licence and the proper equipment you can find people offering it for as low as $300 to level a single wide. I get a lot of calls each year a month or so after these people do their work to come and properly do it with 8 or so jacks and a digital water level versus the 2 jacks and bubble level you can have for $300.

We charge anywhere from $900 to $1,200 for basic jobs and as high as $2,000 if you have decks and addition or require additional blocking etc. But, we get the frame within 1/8" throughout and have never broken a window.

We have a cost calculator you can play around with on our site:

I just paid $4000 for 50 new piers the marriage line to have lag bolts ran thru to secure the middle of the two…

They also ran 4 4x8 beams access the middle as one of the ibeams was missing.

This sounds expensive and it was. I think it should have been 2k tops but I needed it done fast…hard to find good work where I live

The nearby dealer here charges $4600 for 16 frost depth piers. Id say you got a pretty good deal!