Mobile Home Park...Park Rules...Posted In Park...Do You Have An Example...Thanks!


  • Do you have your Park Rules posted in the Mobile Home Park? - Example: Prospects Must Be Approved Through Application Process
  • IF Yes, could you please post a photo of your Sign with Park Rules or describe how & what specifically you post?

Thanks in advance for sharing!

Hi Kristin. I thought I had an up close but here is what we do. Speed limit. Then says buyers must be approved before buying , no soliciting , no dumping. All translated to Spanish. Just a plain 4x4 treated in concrete painted white with a post topper. I think the custom sign runs us about 110. This material is called max metal I think and lasts a long time ( as long as people don’t hit it , which they do …)


@Deleted_User_ME , thank you so very much for your post & photo!

Your Park & Sign look fantastic!

Way to go!

We wish you the very best!

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I don’t post my rules… just speed limit, dumpster signs, etc. I do have a disclaimer sign saying I am not responsible for basically anything ever. Park Rules and Regulations get revised so I just post them in the office.

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We have a bulletin board at the top of the lane which is enclosed and locked. I posted the rules there, along with any other notices for residents to see when they check their mail.
When advertising a rental we do mention having to be approved through an application process, but it’s not posted on the board. We have a list of 21 rules. : )

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@Jsmith & @Yellowstone , thank you so very much for your responses!

We greatly appreciate it!

We wish you both the very best!

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@Yellowstone/Ann, can you post your 21 park rules? Do you have your rules on the rental agreement too?

Sure. I’m not at the computer right now but will do it when I am.


Here it is:

PARK RULES AND STANDARDS: Tenant agrees to abide by the Park Rules and Standards listed below. Failure to abide by park rules will be cause for eviction.

 1.  No welding of any kind, unless authorized on a temporary basis by management.
 2.  All vehicles must be in good running condition. Untagged or broken vehicles must be removed or be completely under a car cover at all times (tarps, blankets and other types of coverings are not allowed). Car may NOT be left on blocks or jack stands.
 3.  No vehicles parked anywhere except in the driveways, unless otherwise authorized by management.
 4.  No public displays of intoxication.
 5.  No shooting guns or any weapons, or fireworks on premises or surrounding woods at any time.
 6.  No hunting anywhere on (name removed) property.
 7.  No riding of four-wheelers or off-road vehicles, mini-bikes, go-carts, or other similar vehicles.
 8.  No large congregations of people, or parties or gatherings without notification and approval by management.
 9.  Unauthorized persons, or persons on a no-trespass or ban list by management are not allowed in the park and may be                            removed by police. Any resident who allows banned persons on property or in their home are subject to eviction.
  1. No loud music or loud vehicles, especially after 10:00 pm
  2. All tenants/guests will refrain from any activity which will disturb the peace and quiet and/or privacy of any tenant. If your music, guests, pets, etc., are disturbing your neighbors (at any hour), it is too loud. Each tenant is responsible for the conduct of his/her guests, as well as his/her family.
  3. Illegal drug activity will not be tolerated. Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. It may be cause for eviction if any law enforcement personnel are called to your mobile home.
  4. Any animals living in (name removed) must be approved by management.
  5. Yard and mobile homes must be kept clean and neat. Tenant is responsible for mowing their own grass. If (name removed) must mow your lawn, you will be billed up to $45.00 each time it is mowed.
  6. No washing of cars or mobile homes or outside use of water except to water flowers (not grass).
  7. If a tenant stops up their sewer line, including due to grease put down kitchen sink, the tenant will be responsible for the repair. Solid refuse of any kind, including all feminine hygiene products and disposable diapers must be placed in plastic bags for disposing of in your personal garbage containers. DO NOT FLUSH SOLID, UNFLUSHABLE ITEMS DOWN TOILET.
  8. No building onto mobile homes or building of storage units without management’s written permission.
  9. No loitering in or around (name removed) property by non-residents.
  10. No use of adjoining properties is allowed. Owner of adjoining property has given authority to (name removed) for enforcement of rules regarding use, dumping of trash or debris, animal pens, parking of cars and other.
  11. No driving behind the homes: due to ongoing water line breaks, septic system issues and yard problems, there is to be no parking or driving of cars in yard, behind homes or anywhere other than a designated driveway or road.
  12. Unauthorized sizes, breeds of animals, specifically dangerous, aggressive breed dogs such as pit bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, etc., are not allowed and will require removal from the premises or eviction of the Tenant.
  13. No speeding over 15 mph in the park.
    Rules subject to revision at any time.

I forgot to answer your 2nd question. I’m not sure what you mean, but we do include the park rules with the rental agreements if that’s what you meant.